The Biden Regime is facing mounting opposition as Joe’s approval ratings sink to his presidency’s lows.

In this instance, it’s coming from Lauren Boebert, who says she has drafted Articles of Impeachment.



“Hey, everyone, I wanted to give you a quick update about the Articles of Impeachment that I have drafted. I will be introducing them as soon as Nancy Pelosi calls us back into session. The Democrats would love for this story to be swept under the rug. They would love for this story to just disappear, but I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure it doesn’t, to make sure that these people responsible are held accountable and that, you know, the facts. And the facts are that the story just keeps getting worse. The Democrats tried to show how tough they were by issuing a drone strike after 13 of our servicemen were killed. Well, this clown Milley said the drone attack was righteous, said ISIS was the target. Well, it didn’t kill ISIS, woke Milley. It killed innocent children. So I wanted to let all of you know today that my impeachment articles will be filed, and we’ll see how many righteous America First representatives want to join me. Thank you for your support and hang in there with me.” – Lauren Boebert


Please pay close attention to who supports Boebert in her efforts and pay even closer attention to who speaks out against her.

Those who speak out against her for this, especially RINO’s, are the enemies within.

Do you think President Biden should be impeached for the crisis in Afghanistan and loss of American lives?

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Remember that these people took an oath to protect against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

The people have her back… here’s what they’re saying…

“Great, but where is the rest of the GOP?”

“Remember to renew these when y’all flip the House!”

“Thank you for fighting for us!”

“Along with MTG. Go GOP women. Get all the Rino men to run away with tails between their legs.”

“How can an illegally installed president get impeached? He was not elected by we the people, therefore fight for a full forensic audit and have him removed legally and our rightfully elected Trump put back in, please.”

“THANK YOU, LAUREN! Nice to see you back! Bring that Colorado fire (no pun intended) to DC and show them why the people put you there. Go get ’em!”

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