We’ve had the coronavirus shots being called “vaccines” for close to ten months now. We’ve seen a staggering number of reports of all kinds of medical problems. Teenage boys are suffering heart damage at six times the rate they experience serious illness from Covid-19. Other people are suffering blood clots, headaches, inflammation, even organ failure, and quite possibly sudden death. Last week, remarkably, we had a nurse who thought she’d seen signs that unvaccinated people could be suffering health effects just from being near vaccinated family members or vaccinated patients.  Thousands of post-vaccination deaths have been logged in the CDC’s VAERS system, and there’s no hope in Hell of all those deaths being investigated. First, it’s too many deaths, but second, it’s because the narrative has been set. The vaccines are good, and everybody will be forced to take them, or they’ll be stripped of their jobs, of the right to travel, of the right to go outside if need be. So the CDC and FDA aren’t too interested in exploring the possibility that the vaccines could be harmful to huge numbers of people.

Now here’s one of the most horrifying stories I’ve seen throughout this entire vaccine terror campaign of the past year.  Jummai Nache is a healthcare worker in Minnesota. Like millions of other health care professionals, she was ordered to get a Covid-19 vaccination or lose her job, so she got the shot last February. But days after getting the vaccine, Jummai felt severe chest pains. Her husband Philip raced her to the hospital, where despite the vaccine she tested positive for Covid-19. Almost immediately her body was riddled with blood clots, organ inflammation, ischemia, and other medical problems. In the end, doctors were forced to amputate both of her legs.

The CDC investigated the case and deduced the damage to Jummai’s body was due to Covid-19, but they “could not determine” whether the vaccine played a role as well. Oh well, better keep mandating the vaccine for everybody.

Jummai and Philip Nache joined Stew to discuss.

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