The absolute lunacy continues in our medical establishment, driven mad by the frenzy and propaganda around Covid-19. The other day, we told you about Doctor Courtney Bennett at the Mayo Clinic, who says that if you’re unvaccinated and get sick, then quote, “do me a favor and don’t burden our hospitals.”

Well, perhaps we were too hard on Doctor Bennett, because there’s another doctor at the Mayo Clinic who is even more disturbed. Mark Sawyer is a general surgeon there, and in a recent Facebook post, made publicly for the entire world to read, he said this. Quote:

“There’s a science fiction short story called ‘The Cold Equations.’ It’s about a teenaged girl who stows away on her brother’s one-person spaceship, and he realizes he doesn’t have enough field to get them both safely to the destination. If they both stay on board, they both will die. One will have to go out the airlock so the other can live. … I won’t spill the ending, but regarding COVID and vaccine status … we are approaching the point where the morality of rationing care is moot. It will have to be done; somebody is going to have to be triaged to get their care prioritized over others, just like mass casualties. My prediction, without any judgment, is that the question ‘Does a patient who deliberately chose not to vaccinate go to the back of the line?” is almost certainly going to be on the table across the country.

Get to the back of the bus, Rosa Parks! Everything about this post is disturbing. Let’s start with how Doctor Sawyer is obviously lying. He says this is all “without any judgment,” but you know that’s not true. He relishes the idea of kicking unvaccinated people out of his hospital, telling them that they can go ahead and die.

And you can tell he’s relishing it, because he’s wrong on the other points, too. Our hospitals aren’t collapsing under a weight of COVID-19 patients. You can check the numbers. Right now, there are 100,000 people hospitalized for COVID nationwide, and that number has peaked. Last January, we peaked at just under 140,000 hospitalized patients. Did the hospitals collapse then? Of course not. And back then, more people were dying of the disease. Deaths this summer are one-third of what they were last winter. So this crisis is fake. But Doctor Sawyer isn’t happy with that. He craves a reality where he gets to make life and death decisions over sick people, and where he can send the people who disobeyed him to their demise.

This isn’t the neutral practice of medicine. These are petty tyrants who dream about weaponizing health care against people who make choices they don’t specifically agree with. And if they get away with it here, they’ll find a way to do this everywhere. Don’t buy into their insane ideology on gender? Well, then maybe you don’t deserve health care.

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In fact, they’re willing to go beyond mere beliefs, and implement an outright caste system. Last year, Lincoln County, Oregon tried to make it the law that you had to wear a mask outside if you were white, but not if you were black. In the winter, a lot of blue cities and states tried to make it so black Americans were given vaccine access, but not white Americans. Openly discriminating against some Americans in what health options they’re allowed to choose, based on skin color. That’s the nature of modern leftism: It’s inherently totalitarian. It wants to divide the public into the innately good and innately evil, and it wants to expand to take over every part of your life. That’s why every big company has some rainbow-haired freak show in human resources who acts as a political enforcer. That’s why Critical race theory and insane gender ideology are in our schools. For the left, the indoctrination is far more important than any actual skills a child could learn; that’s one reason our schools are so bad at supplying those skills.

Just think on this: If they’re willing to strip you of health care and kick you out on the street to die for not submitting to them, what won’t the left do?

Mark Sawyer, a doctor at Mayo Clinic, widely regarded by just about everyone on the planet as the most elite healthcare system in the world, just announced in a public space, without shame, out loud – that if you don’t specifically agree with his ideology you should be triaged for death.

If you make a personal decision after your own health, if you make a choice on behalf of your family that doesn’t align, exactly, with the opinion or politics of Mark Sawyer, that doctor will make choices that will kill you.

Mark Sawyer believes himself to be the judge, the jury, and the executioner. Mark Sawyer is the self-appointed sole member of his own one-man death panel. If you should dare to embrace your God-given inherent right to medical freedom, Mark Sawyer hates you.

Mark Sawyer thinks very highly of himself. So much so, that he has assumed the power to play God. But Mark Sawyer isn’t God. Mark Sawyer is a slave. Sadly, Mark Sawyer may be so blinded by his own self image of greatness that he’s unable to recognize that he’s only a subservient low-level servant, and like any good laborer, he’s obeying his master. And his master hates you. The system hates you, and that system has created thousands of compliant little Mark Sawyers all marching in lockstep, and they’ve been warned. If they buck that system, everything they’ve ever worked for will be taken from them in an instant.

That’s exactly what happened to Doctor Chaminie Wheeler. Dr. Wheeler is a board certified pediatrician, a pediatric hospitalist for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and she works in the emergency department at Grand View Hospital. Wheeler also works at St Luke’s University Hospital Network as a pediatric hospitalist for Onsite Neo-natal partners and in all of her spare time, Dr. Wheeler teaches 3rd year medical students their core pediatric training at St Luke’s Hospital and Grand View Hospital as a clinical assistant professor at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. Yesterday, Dr. Wheeler was fired by the cowards that, like good slaves, march for the system that hates you and she joined Stew Peters with an urgent call-to-action.

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