The situation in the U.S. military is getting very dark.

Morale was already at an all-time low according to many and now with what the Biden Regime announced yesterday, it’s going to get worse.


Just listen to what this guy is saying…


“So I’m wearing my upside-down flag today and I think that’s appropriate because it signifies that America is in distress. Maybe some people don’t know this, but my dad just let me know this. a text message went out last night from the Secretary of Defense to all the active military personnel, saying, you know, by 10 am, you have to go get the magic potion or you’re gonna be court-martialed. And so as a result of that 12 F 22 pilots, the most highly trained pilots in the world walked off the job. That’s 12 multibillion-dollar, million-dollar aircraft grounded now. A dozen of the best pilots in the world. Thousands of hours of training, millions of dollars of training off the job, 16 crew members for B 52 bombers walked off the job. That’s just two airbases. My aunt who is a KC 135 boom operator that refuels planes, isn’t getting the magic potion. She’s gonna walk off her job too most likely. So now we’ve reached this point for all you dumb asses who have not been speaking out about this and the mandates, the people who are quiet about it, the people who are pro mandate, you’re to blame for the situation that we’re in because we’re going to a bad place. The military is being compromised at a rapid rate. And with the F 22’s being grounded. You can kiss Taiwan goodbye. I would hate to be a Taiwanese citizen right now. So, this is probably not covered anywhere in the media. I’m sure it’s blocked or censored by all the bullshit that goes on here, but it’s time to frickin wake up people. You better start preparing because you’re a little cushy American Life isn’t gonna be so cushy much longer when the rest of the world realizes how freaking weak we are with this idiot who’s in office and all this bullshit that’s been passed and what’s happening to our military. So the flag staying upside down. Wake up.” – Active Military Member

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And if you thought it was just current U’S. service members who were getting fed up with the Biden Regime’s moves, take a listen to this pissed-off veteran.


“You know, the crazy shit is a lot of fucking people, they fucking act like this country right here isn’t full of a bunch of fucking veterans that are capable of still fucking getting it on. Why the fuck do you all think that we will just sit and do fucking nothing? WHY? Push the right fucking buttons. Push the right fucking buttons. Oh, you know what you already have. Fucking idiots.” – Pissed Off Veteran

If it wasn’t already apparent, we’re reaching a boiling over point.

Things are about to get very interesting for a lot of folks.


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