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More Children Shot In Lightfoot’s Chicago This Year Than Killed By COVID-19

The Democrats love nothing more than to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on the world. On a daily basis, the liberal media hurls statistics and case numbers on the screen, warning people about the danger of not getting vaccinated.

But what is interesting is how the facts paint an entirely different picture for the city of Chicago, which according to the CDC and the Chicago Police Department, the city experienced more children being shot from gun violence this year than the number of children killed by COVID-19, NATIONWIDE, since the pandemic started. 


It’s interesting to note that the Democrat stronghold would have a problem with gun violence when the left continues to push a narrative of defunding the police. Still, it’s hard to argue when the CDC reports, “the number of children that have been shot this year in the Windy City (302) is much higher than children who have been killed by the virus nationwide since the beginning of the pandemic (214).”


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John Catanzara, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge #7, isn’t surprised by the rise in crime given mayor Lori Lightfoot’s stance when it comes to crime. In August, he said, “She’s a flag in the wind. For two-and-a-half years that she’s been mayor, she has vilified the police. Now because the political climate says that the defund police and the police aren’t the enemy, she has to pivot, and now she has to be our best friend? It’s too damn late.” he added, “The men and women of this police department have no respect for this mayor, and it was as palpable as you could possibly imagine outside that hospital at the University of Chicago.”

But while the crime rates in Democratic states surge, the debate for children continues to surround if they should wear masks while attending school. Not to mention, Pfizer recently announced the COVID-19 vaccine was safe for children 5 to 11.