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More New Details Emerge on Biden’s “Watch-Glancing” Controversy

Joe Biden’s approval rating is cratering as we speak.

One poll even shows that the majority of Americans want Joe Biden to resign.


And another new Zogby poll shows that 20 percent of Biden voters regret their vote.


This is a political nightmare for Joe Biden – and this isn’t about some random and fixable scandal, it’s about Joe’s persona, his competence, and his heart.

Americans have no faith in anything Joe Biden has to offer.

We can all see that Joe Biden is in deep and dangerous cognitive decline, even though our mainstream media ignores it. We see that he’s heartless and inept, we see that he’s an arrogant establishment stooge who’s still stuck in 90s politics, treating Americans like low-inf0 dullards. We see it all, and we don’t like one bit of it.

And one of the things that stands out most glaringly to Americans is how terribly Joe Biden behaved during the Dignified Transfer of the 13 brave heroes who we lost in Afghanistan thanks to his ineptitude.

Not only did Joe Biden offend and insult the Gold Star families during the meeting by talking non-stop about Beau, and rolling his eyes, according to witnesses, but while he was at the actual Dignified Transfer, he checked his watch…we’ve all seen the photo and video of the disgusting moment.

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But now, it appears there’s more to it…

While some Gold Star family members claim Joe checked his watch 13 times, RNC Research posted photos of Joe Biden checking his watch three different times during the Dignified Transfer.




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Americans will never get behind a man like this.

He caused all this death and destruction and then treated families like garbage and tried to take a “victory lap” on the backs of their dead relatives.

Joe Biden can’t be bothered to stand there like a decent human being and pay his respects to the men he was responsible for killing?

Well, Americans can’t be bothered showing Joe any respect either.

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