Joe Biden calls it the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.

He says this even though none of the vaccines fully prevent anyone from catching COVID, spreading COVID or even dying from COVID.



Cameraman: Vaccine injuries?

ICU Nurse: Thirty three. Just this past week about three fully vaccinated individuals, disease in quads left and right, DVT pulmonary embolism. I mean on blood thinners and this has ever since they got back vaccinated. I had a 30 year old woman who started bleeding, basically hemorrhaging ever since she got injected, literally within the 48 hours. This poor woman is a mother of two. Like I said, 30 years old, and she was fully vaccinated and regrets it deeply. This is a month ago and she is now intubated in critical condition fighting for her life, potentially about to leave her children motherless and of course, she regrets 1,000% being injected, and she acknowledges this. So did her physician. So I don’t know why the lies continue. I see it every single day. This whole story about 90% unvaccinated cases. No, I can tell you I’ve been in the front of the line for the last year and eight months, or however long it’s been. Too long. And that is a complete lie. I have seen nothing but vaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated as well but don’t believe the lies, don’t believe the media. It’s all bullshit.

Cameraman: And you work in the ICU right?

ICU Nurse: I am on a unit that is strictly COVID patients at this point.

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Cameraman: So the news media is lying. How about that?

ICU Nurse: The whole time. The entire time.


More and more people are beginning to speak out about the lies being pushed by Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Tech and many of the governments of the world.

Here’s a few more from the comments in the digital world…

“I was also told this from the husband of a local nurse.”

“Free vaccines (paid by taxpayer monies) but $100 a pop for Covid tests. When did libs fall in love with Big Pharma?”

“Could it be that what we are witnessing is what they call (shedding) from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated and now (ADE) ANTIBODY DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT?!”

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