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Nurse: “What I’m Seeing is CRIMINAL”

Here’s even more possible vaccine funny business.

Sandy is a nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Sandy says she has secretly recorded herself questioning three doctors about the huge amount of anomalies they’ve encountered treating Covid patients. She says she’s seen five patients who, in her view, are 100% cases of illness linked with the Covid vaccine.

There’s a young woman, a diabetic, who was suddenly hospitalized with her first case of hyperglycemia in a decade.  A man in his early thirties with cardiac issues out of nowhere. And then much weirder things: a twenty-something with a head-to-toe rash like she’s never seen before. A woman with circular rashes and bloated purple genitalia, not terribly unlikely a female version of Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend. In Sandy’s words, this isn’t simply bad medicine, this is criminal. 

Now just like our security guard before, Sandy wants to blow the whistle, and we honor her bravery. Sany joined Stew today to discuss.

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