It’s absolute chaos in the normal medical system. We hear about a massive shortage of nurses, but at the same time nurses and doctors are being fired if they refuse the vaccine. We have doctors fantasizing about rejecting patients who aren’t vaccinated, and no doubt some who are actually doing it.

But then, on the flip side, we have medical professionals who have created their own hidden world of underground Covid treatment.

Penny Wittbrodt is a nurse who retired early after being severely injured in an attack by a deranged patient. But in retirement she’s found a second career as an underground Covid-19 nurse, providing patients with the treatments that the medical establishment is denying to them. Penny is motivated by her own near-brush with death from Covid in 2020, where she was denied access to drugs and eventually took months to recover.

Here’s a look into Penny’s new life as an underground nurse, excerpted from her message to me.

In the past month I’ve helped 65 patients. 28 fully vaxxed, 37 unvaxxed. 6 of the unvaxxed have been kids. (And that’s just in the past month.) These people are being sent home to tough it out, much like I was in 2020. I almost died of covid because pharmacists refused to fill hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

… I read every study that came out and educated my followers and other healthcare professionals on the importance of d3, zinc, k2, vitamin C, quercetin, hydroxychloroquine, pepcid, Singulair and antihistamines and on the dangers of TYLENOL. Doctors are telling patients to go home and take tylenol around the clock. This advice is not only landing people in the hospital, I’m quite sure it’s killing people.

… I had a family reach out on Thursday. The husband’s oxygen was in the low 80s, his doctor refused to call in home oxygen. … The doctor advised him “Go home turn your hair dryer on hot and breathe the hot air. The virus can’t survive the heat.

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That’s just a few excerpts. But Penny has a remarkable story and I had to have her on, she joined the show today to discuss.

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