OAKLAND, CA – On Monday, Police Chief Leronne Armstrong announced the city’s 100th homicide of the year. His press release began with 100-seconds of silence to honor the deceased.

The Chief described the gun violence in the city as a “crisis.”

He also pointed out that the city’s rising violence and crime rates are not things that police can handle completely on their own.


“We can be vocal about certain things, he said, “but I just don’t understand why this community cannot be vocal about 100 lives lost? We can scream and yell about anything the police does wrong,” he said, “but we can’t speak up for something that’s plaguing all of us.”

The 100th homicide of the year took place Monday morning near the Oakland Coliseum BART station.

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The Oakland Police Department’s staffing level currently stands at 695. This number represents the lowest staffing in a decade, which is coupled with the highest crime rate in the same time period.


“It’s been a very challenging weekend for the Oakland Police Department and the community,” Chief Armstrong said during Monday afternoon’s press conference. “So much violence, so many guns, so many senseless lives lost. I just ask that everybody come together collectively to say that this has to stop.

“I say this every time we have a press conference. I’m tired of appearing before you. We got to do the work. I’ll be out in the community meeting with people, but I need people to step up and grab your loved ones and tell them ‘put the guns down.’ We want them to live, we want them to be alive and free.”

This past weekend saw three shooting incidents.

Last year’s total homicides hit 109 on December 31.