Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, who made headlines last summer for saying that he is not the “mask police,” is now saying that he is not the “vaccine police” and therefore will not be enforcing vaccine mandates.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Ohio sheriff defiantly said that his officers will not be checking vaccine cards at businesses.


“We are not the vaccine police. The Sheriff’s Office will not be going door to door, and we will certainly not be checking vaccine cards before you enter a restaurant or any other establishment for that matter,” the statement read.

“I have received the vaccine, I’m not opposed,” the sheriff himself added, according to Fox8. “With that being said, if you want to be vaccinated, that is your right as an American citizen. If you do not want to be vaccinated, I believe that is your right as an American citizen as well.”

Last summer, Jones made headlines when he spoke out to say that he would not be enforcing mask mandates.

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“I’m am not going to be the mask police,” he said in July of last year, according to Fox19. “I’m not going to enforce mask policy to where my deputies stop people and say, ‘Put your mask on.’ That’s not going to be the case. It’s out of control, and if people want to wear a mask, then they should be able to wear a mask, and if not, they shouldn’t.”

“Let the health department make all these rules and let them enforce these,” the outspoken sheriff added/”They can get a little yellow light on their car and ride around in it and give people tickets. If that’s what they wanna do, fine. They’ll need the police in the end because people’s (sic) getting angry.”

Not stopping there, Jones proceeded to tell locals not to call the police to report someone for not wearing a mask, saying that his officers have more important things to deal with.

“We have a tense time going on right now and being made to do something, and these masks inside, it changes every day, and I assume that it will change within the hour,” Jones said. “But my main thrust is, we’re not going to enforce this edict from the governor on wearing masks, period.”


Jones is clearly a proud patriot who has no intention of letting the government tell him what to do when it comes to vaccines and masks. God bless him because we could certainly use more people like him in positions of power!