The so-called experts and Big Media talking heads have repeatedly preached the ‘safe and effective’ narrative for what seems like forever.

I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of different stories about adverse reactions to these so-called vaccines, but Big Media rarely ever mentions any of them.


All these ‘experts’ and Big Media talking heads say they care about your health, and if you don’t get the jab, you’re part of the ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ being pushed by the Biden Regime and many others who spew Big Pharma’s talking points.

If all these people cared about your health, why do we never hear them talk about improving your natural immune system? Why do we rarely ever hear them talk about eating right, regular exercise, and getting a proper amount of sleep?

Could it be that there’s not nearly as much profit in those things?

FOLLOW THE MONEY… think about it.


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“I’m Deborah Conrad, and I’m a physician assistant. After the vaccine rollout, I definitely noticed an uptick in heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, gastrointestinal bleeds. This was noticeably increased. We started seeing patients coming in, you know, I got my vaccination, and a week later, they’re in with pneumonia, independent of COVID, became clear to me that there was something wrong. I knew nothing of VAERS. I didn’t know about our responsibility to report. It was never even talked about when these vaccines were rolled out. Health care providers are required by law. And I, I said, What do you mean? Like what law? I would say within three weeks to a month, I had already had 50 patients reported, and that was just of the providers that were willing to tell me about patients, recognize that there may be a problem. So I went back to my administration, and I said, I need help.” – Deborah Conrad, PA-C, MSHS, BSMT

“I mean, we get thrombocytopenia blood clots. Just Tuesday, I think it was. We shipped out, I think, three cardiomyopathies—a blood clot. We got a guy on the floor, and he just died. I just pronounced him a second ago, who got his shot, and literally two weeks later, the guy ends up with full-blown cancer out of nowhere—a portal vein thrombus. Just get strokes. I had a lady that had a stroke within 48 hours of her vaccine. Fully on anticoagulation. I had a lady have a bilateral T, and she was on Eliquis after the vaccine. I know these are things that are reportable.” – Deborah Conrad, PA-C, MSHS, BSMT

“That was met with resistance because that’s when the vaccines were really starting to get pushed. Everybody’s got to get vaccinated. This is how it’s gonna go. By me admitting that we need to report because there may be some issues, it would create vaccine hesitancy.” – Deborah Conrad, PA-C, MSHS, BSMT

“Talk about New York State numbers and that the vaccine is safe and effective. How do we know that because if no cases are being reported to you guys of fully vaccinated patients who are coming in with COVID, then how can we make that claim? Because I can tell you we just lost a guy the other day to COVID pneumonia. He died, and he was fully vaccinated in March and came in with severe COVID pneumonia, and died in our ICU. That wasn’t reported to you guys. So how can you claim as a state that they’re safe and effective when hospitals are seeing, and you guys aren’t made aware?” – Deborah Conrad, PA-C, MSHS, BSMT


Again, why are most people not hearing about all the different whistleblowers who have come and are coming forward?

Who benefits from the masses not knowing about these things?

Like always, FOLLOW THE MONEY and ask yourself who benefits the most.

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