The Democrats have been in control of Washington and the White House for less than a year. In that time, they have faced a pandemic, Southern Border crisis, the Cuomo scandal, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan. With each one being its own separate disaster, the Democrats, especially President Joe Biden, are anxiously trying to reverse course and save their standings in the polls. Their most recent challenge comes in the recall election of California Governor Gavin Newsom. With the election taking place today, Democrats are rallying together, hoping to save what little power they have left. And who better to rely on than President Joe Biden himself? 


Knowing that Newsom could be replaced by his conservative counterpart Larry Elder, President Biden attended a Long Beach rally Monday night to help sway voters to trust the Democrats. Biden even warned that by electing Elder, the citizens of California would be receiving a “Trump clone.” He added, “The eyes of the nation are on California because the decision you’re going to make isn’t just going to have a huge impact on California, it’s going to reverberate around the nation, and quite frankly — not a joke — around the world.”

Unlike many of his press conferences, President Biden talked about the importance of keeping Governor Newsom in office for 15 minutes. Although Biden had to stop several times throughout his speech due to fumbling his words or having a sporadic coughing fit, the President made it a point not to mention Elder by name.

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“You either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor, or you’ll get Donald Trump. It’s not a joke. A Republican governor blocking progress on COVID-19 who is also anti-woman, anti-worker, a climate denier, who doesn’t believe in choice. The choice should be absolutely clear.”


While treating the Trump Administration like a virus, Biden was sure to hit several bullet points about the current state of COVID-19. He even claimed the GOP was only worried about politics. “For these Republican governors, it isn’t about public health; it’s about politics. Look, folks, we don’t need politics in this battle against COVID. We need science, we need courage, we need leadership, we need Gavin Newsom.”

As mentioned above, Newsom faces recall election today as Elder and 46 other candidates eye for the chance to become Governor. 

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