So President Biden’s authoritarian administration thinks it has the power to rule by decree. No surprise, they’re trying to use the dictatorial powers they’ve given themselves to impose a vaccine mandate on most of the country: The entire federal workforce, for starters, and also every company in the country with at least 100 employees.

Of course, before imposing an order like this, there’s a lot of questions that should be answered.

Why are we going to impose a vaccine on young men when a recent study showed they are six times as likely to experience heart problems from the vaccine as they are to experience even a serious illness from the actual virus?

Why is President Biden acting like the vaccine is a panacea when Covid deaths in Israel are as high as they were last September, even though that country is one of the most vaccinated in the world?

Are The Biden Regime's Vaccine Mandates Even Constitutional?

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Here’s a headline from The Atlantic magazine just the other day. Not Newsmax, not Fox, not National File, this is The Atlantic, a left-wing magazine. Quote: “A new study suggests that almost half of those hospitalized with COVID-19 have mild or asymptomatic cases.” That figure is far higher than it was last year. So here’s another question: Why are we continuing to perpetuate a national panic over Covid when half of all “hospitalizations” don’t even involve a bad case?

And then there are the mandates. How is it remotely legal for President Biden to order every large or medium-sized company in America to impose a mandatory vaccination requirement, without Congress or, for that matter, even with Congress? Did it come from the same bag of tricks where his Administration simply gave itself the power to unilaterally extend an illegal eviction moratorium? Is there anything the Biden Administration doesn’t believe it has the power to enact unilaterally?

So there’s a lot of questions about the virus, a lot about the vaccine, a lot about what it’s legal for the government to do. But perhaps the most important question for all of you at home is: What’s going to happen to you? And if the Biden Administration starts sending around police and nanny state bureaucrats carrying syringes demanding that you get an injection you don’t want, what are your options?

There are several states that say they’ve banned vaccine passports or vaccine mandates. But push a little harder and that’s not the case. In Florida, they’ve banned private companies from issuing vaccine mandates specifically for Covid-19. But state health officials absolutely do still have the power to impose vaccines on the public. They can appoint police or other officials to find you and inject you with whatever they want. That’s still right there in state law. They’re not doing that right now, thank God, but they absolutely can. And given how eager President Biden is to use powers that he doesn’t have, how safe do you think you are from the government using powers it has already given itself? Florida has a gubernatorial election next year. Democrats could win. They might win even if they don’t actually get the most votes, knowing how they operate. So what will a Democratic Florida governor do with a law that allows him to send the police to forcibly inject you? And what will you do then?

These are questions we have to ask now. Now, even in some of this country’s bluest states, there are still counties that vote for this country and our constitution. And in forty-eight of our fifty states, county sheriffs are elected. So chances are good that even if you live in a liberty-hating state, you might NOT have a liberty-hating sheriff. When Democrats in Virginia tried to pass gun-grab legislation several years ago, dozens of sheriffs announced that they wouldn’t be enforcing or complying with that law. Could sheriffs help protect us from President Biden’s vaccine mandates as well?

One man who can help us answer that is with us, Sheriff Karl J. Dailey is the sheriff of Dawes County, Nebraska and he joined Stew on the show to discuss.

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