Several days ago, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office had released footage of two deputies being ambushed by a felon with an extensive criminal history.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey had an epic response to those who may have asked why the suspect was shot so many times.


You can see his response in the following video:


ABC 7 News Reporter: That’s when the car door opens, and all hell breaks loose. More than 61 bullets fired in less than a minute. The man with the assault rifle hit in the leg, and Deputy Brian Potter shouts out he’s been hit. Deputy Potter’s disoriented, not realizing the gunman is right behind him. The gunman hammers Potters in the face with the butt of his rifle, and when Potters goes down, that gunman keeps beating his face fracturing his sinus and orbital bones. Deputy Tyler Toma drops his spend clip quickly reloads his gun before unloading it at the man attacking deputy Potters.

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“Let there be no doubt this individual got exactly what he deserved. And to those out there who might be foolish enough to ask why we shot him so many times. That answer is simple because evil can never be dead enough.” – Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey


Here is a longer version of the incident:



This is the kind of man we need more of.

With the left advocating for and releasing criminals out of prison for various reasons, it takes brave men willing to commit righteous violence to combat it in situations such as these.

Here’s the original article on the incident:

Traffic Stop Goes Sideways Fast, Gunfight Erupts In Brevard County [VIDEO]

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