Sidney Powell, the former advisor to Donald Trump’s legal team, has spent the past year in a bitter legal battle with Dominion Voting Systems, which is suing her for $1.3 billion. Today, Powell sat down with our very own Stew Peters to discuss the new filing she’s just issued in this case.

Powell began by clearing up that her legal war with Dominion has nothing to do the Capitol riot that took place on January 6, explaining that “in fact, the activities at the Capitol that day by the crowd, actually delayed our ability to file our 12th amendment case.”


“But I wanted to make it very clear publicly that we had nothing to do with that event at all, and abhor any sort of violence and never encouraged violence,” she continued. “In fact, I specifically encouraged everyone to stay away from the Capitol that day, because I smelled a huge setup. And that’s exactly what it was, as more and more evidence has come out that the FBI played a major role in that.”

Powell went on to explain the latest in her fight against Dominion in court.

“We’ve been collecting additional evidence that…Dominion did exactly what we said they did. They have the patents to watch the election, to alter votes in real-time,” she explained. “We’re putting the patents up on our website, and they can do everything thing we said they can do: they can flip votes in batches through the adjudication process, they can run an algorithm, they can do everything that we have said they could do from day one. And there’s every reason to believe they did it,  all the math lines up with it all the time series data lines up with it.”


Powell then warned of how she’s found evidence that in this country, the military has the power to actually control election outcomes. She said that her case “shows the corruption throughout the system, that for at least 20 years now, somebody other than the voters of the United States of America has been determining certain elections. And this year, if not prior years, it happened to be the presidency of the United States of America, in what is nothing other than a coup.”

Not stopping there, Powell proceeded to say that she believes the Department of Defense knows exactly what they are doing, “because they patented a process for real-time monitoring of the election and doing exactly the same things back in 2005.”

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“And the government has an interest in a patent that allows for the predetermination of election results,” Powell continued.

“Here in the United States, the military, the Department of Defense holds this particular patent that you’re going to be putting up at today?” an incredulous Peters asked.

“Yes,” Powell replied emphatically, to which Peters said, “unbelievable.”

In the end, Powell feels that this is why it’s been hard to get anyone to pay attention to this, as the powers at be in this country do not want any of this to get out.


“It’s got to be the intelligence community, and mixed in with the defense community that are at least partly responsible for this, whether it’s the whole thing I don’t know,” she said. “But obviously a very key group of extremely powerful people in the country have been running this process for years, and dominion, people are smack in the middle of it.”

Find out more about the latest in Powell’s legal battle by checking out her full interview with Peters here.