America went to bed on Tuesday, November 3rd with Donald Trump leading the polls in that costly election.

America woke up on Wednesday, November 4th, and the unthinkable had happened.

America had its first “Grub Hub” election. They planted hundreds of thousands of unsolicited absentee ballots in key states and counties across our nation and got busy in the weeks ahead of the election harvesting those ballots by any means necessary, even collecting them in red grub hub bags, as was caught on video over in Milwaukee.

Democrat operatives, funded HEAVILY by China-tied Big Tech oligarchs like Mark Zuckerburg and Jeff Bezos, deployed an unprecedented attack on our American republic, and they’ve ADMITTED it in the pages of Time magazine.

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And then the fallout ensued.

What does a federally connected republic of states do when a few of the states cheat the system for one team?

Certainly, the founding fathers shared these concerns when they wrote the Constitution 250 years ago.

Tiny little Rhode Island no doubt looked askance over at its powerful neighbor Massachusetts, and was rightly wary of a larger colony taking it over.

There is little doubt the colonists in North Carolina were none too fond of the notion of Pennsylvania deciding its fate.

And now, here in the year 2021, we know what those visionaries — those revolutionaries — were dealing with.

So what are the constituent members of a federal republic to do?

Well, quite clearly, if they care even a bit about their sovereignty, the states are going to get busy checking those receipts.

And that’s just what many patriots in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are pushing for.

So surely, one would think that the Republican Parties in those states and the RNC in D.C. would help. Right?

Well, sadly, that’s not what’s happening.

There is one key figure in the Republican party who’s standing in the way of the Audits moving forward.

And her name is Ronna Romney.

In case you’re unfamiliar with her, Ronna Romney is related to Mitt Romney.

She’s Mitt’s niece. Ronna’s dad is Mitt’s brother. She attended BYU in Utah and then worked for Mitt’s campaigns before moving up in Michigan’s party ranks, before being tapped to replace Reince.

Ronna Romney Michigan’s former Republican Party Chair and Reince Priebus’s hand-picked replacement to lead the RNC after he infiltrated Trump’s White House.

And she’s Mitt’s niece.

I wonder how she got that job.

So the head of the national Republican Party is Mitt Romney’s niece, who was hand-picked by Reince Priebus.

So it really is no surprise to learn that Ronna is working AGAINST the audits of the fraudulent November 3rd election.

Well, today The Stew Peters Show is able to report that Ronna Romney has been directly asked for audit funding by President Trump.

The RNC has been raising millions using Trump’s name, after all.

They have NINETY MILLION DOLLARS in the bank, after expenses, according to Open Secrets.

Trump even sent the RNC a cease and desist letter asking them to stop using his name in their fundraising appeals.

Of course, the RNC refused and continued raking in the cash using Trump’s name.

So most red-blooded Americans would agree that it would not be too much for Donald Trump to ask the RNC to use some of those funds for the audits, right?

After all, Ronna Romney raised 18 million in March ALONE.

Well, after being asked to furnish $2 million of their funds, the RNC and Ronna have flat refused to send any budget to the audit efforts, our highly placed sources tell us.

I’m going to say that again — President Trump himself has requested 2 million dollars — directly from the Chairwoman of the RNC  Ms. Romney — and Ronna Romney has refused to help fund the audits of the Nov. 3rd election.

I’m not sure if you’re getting any of these fundraising requests by email from the RNC to help fund the “election integrity”. We’re sure getting them.

And they’re full of claims that they’re raising funds for election integrity.

So naturally, we’d expect those funds to help fund the audits.

But Ronna Romney has told our sources — who are highly placed Republican Party operatives in states which are pursuing audits — that “that’s not what that fundraising was for.”

So we’re going to ask Ronna and her lackeys at the RNC why they refuse to help president Trump.

If this nation is going to get back to enforcing the Rule of Law, the GOP establishment is going to have to get out of the way.

That includes the RNC – aligned swamp creatures still hanging on to relevance and proximity to power.

Here on the Stew Peters Show, we’re working hard to give you the unvarnished truth.

And it’s often ugly.

When President Trump won in 2016, that victory was not a victory in the SWAMP.

it was a victory out here in Flyover Country. Nationwide. The work in the swamp was just getting started.

But the swamp’s work against President Trump was just getting started too.

And the swamp machine is still hard at work even today — even with Trump out of office for nearly a year and living in Florida.

As hard as President Trump tried to stay out of the swamp — a place he has not yet conquered — the swamp worked that much harder infiltrating the Trump administration and, yes, his campaign operation.

As we’ve reported here on this show, that infiltration is still ongoing.

We’re virtually the only conservative news outlet discussing that ongoing infiltration, and we’re not going to stop.

As soon as Trump won in 2016, the sharks and pit vipers in the D.C. Swamp dived right in, sinking their teeth into the populist president’s legs as he waded into Mordor on the Potomac.

One of the sad legacies of Donald Trump’s first term as president beginning in 2017 we’ve discussed on this show was what Steve Bannon called the “original sin” of the presidency — bringing in Reince Priebus and the RNC to help staff the white house after Trump’s historic victories.

We’re all well aware now that even though Trump waged the battle bravely from his position atop the executive branch, it was the swamp creatures who came into DC with him — and who had already been there for years — DECADES even — who hobbled the first two years of his administration.

The Trump white house enjoyed a Republican-held House and Senate — led by despicable Trump-hating swamp creatures like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan — and so Trump was not able to get anything done.

Even Mike Pence — who was sold to us by all of the conventional thinkers as a man who was supposed to be able to call in all his debts and favors and leverage all his Capitol Hill friendships  — ended up siding with the swamp and utterly FAILED at liaising between the White House and the Congress.

The Result? No border wall. A barely stanched immigration crisis.

All thanks to the RNC, Ronna Romney, McConnell, Pence, and Paul Ryan.

Then in 2018, the Paul Ryan led exodus among senior House members from the junior house gave us Nancy Pelosi.

And in 2020, the Deep State, the Intelligence Community, and, YES, the rest of the Kushner, Reince, Romney, Chris Christie leftovers still somehow alive in the Trump administration and campaign somehow managed to lose to a demented “weekend at Bernie’s” candidate named Joe Biden.

In the 10 or so months since Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien and his deputies, Matt Morgan and Justin Clarke utterly failed to deploy a halfway capable election day operation and legal team to check the rampant voter fraud that took place on November 3rd and before, we’ve seen this same swamp fighting against election integrity and transparency at every turn.

If we’re going to Save America, as the PAC says, we’re going to have to start with bought-and-paid-for Trump-hating political HACKS like Ronna Romney McDaniel.

Mr. Trump, respectfully, the Republican Party is YOURS.

You don’t NEED to accept Reince’s and Mitt’s flunky nieces as your staffers.

You — and this nation — need you to hire loyal, America First, Trump warriors.

If Personnel is Policy, and it appears that it is, then our policy is globalists & China Sellouts FIRST.

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