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Trump Drops Bomb – ‘I Do Believe They Are Going To Decertify The Election’

Former President Donald Trump dropped a bomb during a new interview on Friday when he said that he believes that officials will “decertify” the 2020 presidential election.

While talking about the consequences of the “rigged” election, Trump told The Gateway Pundit [1], “I do believe they are going to decertify the election.”


“They know it was rigged,” Trump added.

Not stopping there, Trump touched on the canvassing report [3] published by Liz Harris, which claimed that the number of “lost” votes identified in Maricopa County is 173,104.

“2.5 times that stadium is the number of people in Maricopa County whose votes were lost,” Harris said earlier this week.

On top of that, the report also found 96,389 “ghost” votes, which are described as “mail-in votes that likely could not have been physically cast by the voter that the vote was registered to” because of address changes.

“These voters did not have a secondary mailing address and were either unknown to the residents who lived at their voting address since September 2020 or were known but confirmed to not have lived at the residence since prior to the election, and often had not lived there for many years,” Harris explained.

The combined number of “lost” and “ghost” votes brings the total vote discrepancies to 269,493 in Arizona alone, so imagine how many discrepancies there are in the other 49 states.


Trump praised Harris as a “patriot” for her findings, adding that the report alleges hundreds of thousands of “lost” or “ghost” votes.

“I lost at a very close number, but we were way up ahead,” Trump said, adding that somebody is “going to have to ask Fox” about their puzzling call for Arizona to go to Joe Biden during the election.

In this same interview, Trump blamed the media for being complicit in this.

“Our media is corrupt as can be, and but the people know what’s going on, and another poll came out, 70 some percent thought the election was, to put it very nicely, tampered with,” Trump said. “We had it won at 10:30 pm on Election Day.  Pennsylvania, we were up by hundreds of thousands of votes, Arizona, all these places.  And then those polling counters closed, and when they opened, gee we were tied, and numbers that were, it was not even possible to think about losing, on Election Night.”

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“This was the greatest rigged election, the greatest, most, that they do well,” he added. “If they fight wars like they do rigged elections, that they do will.  And you know what, it’s never been a stronger issue.  I appreciate you mentioning it because it’s never been a stronger issue.  The only problem is the press doesn’t like talking about it, including FOX.  The press doesn’t like talking about it, and someday somebody is going to tell me why cause our election was rigged.  This was a rigged election.”

Anyone with half a brain can see that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. We can only hope that truth and justice will prevail and that the election is decertified at some point in the future.

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