The battle between Fascist vaccine mandate Nazis and freedom fighters rages on.

In this short clip, Donald Trump has a few things to say about it when he spoke with David Brody of Real America’s Voice.




David Brody: President, I’ve got a few minutes left, but I got to get to this, COVID and vaccines. There’s all these vaccine mandates. Now I’m not talking about the vaccine, but the mandates. Have they’ve been discriminatory against the unvaccinated in this country.?

Will The GOP Fight To Reverse Biden's Vaccine Mandates?

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Donald Trump: What what’s happening is it’s tremendous, you know, it’s very interesting, David, because when I was president, we had no, people were not fighting the vaccine.

David Brody: Incredible.

Donald Trump: Everybody wanted it. Everybody wanted it. There was nobody saying we don’t want it. We’re not going to get it.

David Brody: It’s different today.

Donald Trump: And it’s really this has happened since I left. I think people just don’t trust the Biden administration or Biden because since I left, now you have the mandate fight. And that’s a big fight, by the way, and you have to allow people their freedoms. But people don’t want. I took the vaccine. I think you might have taken the vaccine. A lot of people took the vaccine. And it’s been very effective, but you have to allow people their freedom, but we didn’t have this debate. There was no talk of mandates and all of the things that are happening right now. When I was there, people wanted the vaccine. And yes, it’s become a very big issue. I will become a very, very big, nasty, and thorny issue. There’s no question about it.

David Brody: I know your time is tight. So I need to get to this. Doctor Fauci, looking back on it in retrospect, do you regret not firing him that that time?

Donald Trump: Well, David, you know, he was there for like, 40 years or something as a part of the furniture. But if you think about it, I really did pretty much the opposite of whatever he said. You know he was, I actually got along with him. I, you know, I actually found him, he was a character. I go, he’d say, just call me Tony, just call me Tony, sir. And, you know, he was he’s a better promoter than he is a doctor, but not on, look, I did what I wanted to do, he didn’t want to close our country to China. I did it immediately. I didn’t even hesitate. And he said three months later that I saved, you know, 1000’s and 1000’s of lives by doing it. He didn’t want to close our country to Europe, and I did it. They were heavily infected. I did, you know, he also said masks don’t mean anything, then he became a radical masker. So you know, I, he was there and frankly, you can’t win that one. If I would have done it. I would have taken heat. If I didn’t do it. I would have you know, it’s the same story. But I did what I wanted to do, and I made the correct decisions.


Donald Trump is not nearly alone in his criticisms of the Biden Regime’s tyrannical and unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate push.

We The People demand our freedom and, specifically, in this case, bodily autonomy.

More and more are speaking out on all of this.

Here’s just a few comments about this from around the internet…

“The only piece of furniture Fraudci is worthy of being is a commode in a prison cell.”

“The Democrat medical messiah, Fauci, may be furniture, but he should be a tree decoration. He has laundered money for the Chinese bio-weapons lab and has been covering for the Chinese government from day one.”

“We must fight against a mandated vaccine. Someone here said something brilliant the other day: Biden admin wants to remove the “control group” of those who either have antibodies from having the virus and those who decide not to get the shot by forcing everyone to get it. We also need someone who supports therapeutics.”

“Sorry, President Trump, but I didn’t want it under you either.”

“12 months from now, Fauci will be on TV saying, “right now people who have had 4 shots and wear 3 masks should not be allowed to work, shop or travel without taking 2 pills every day.” And how “mandatory pills were always part of our history.”

“Trump would not have mandated the vaccine because he’s not a Commie like Biden. The mandate is not about health but about control of the population.”

“Not trusting the vaccines has nothing to do with who occupies the white house but because of big pharma and their immunity.”


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