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Unvaccinated Americans ‘Out In Public’ Are Like Drunk Drivers – CNN’s Leana Wen

Fake news CNN is at it again.

Propagandist Chris Cuomo had on former president of Planned Parenthood and woke vaccine extremist Leana Wen.


Wen is one of the few who think the Biden Regime’s unconstitutional tyrannical dictates haven’t gone far enough.

If she’s saying this type of stuff live on air, imagine the things she’s not saying…

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Leana Wen: We need to start looking at the choice to remain unvaccinated the same as we look at driving while intoxicated, then you have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can’t go out in public. Because when you go out in public, you have the potential of infecting other people with a potentially deadly disease, just like you can choose to drink in private if you want. But if you get behind the wheel of a car and can endanger other people, there is an obligation by society to prevent you from doing that. So I think what President Biden did today is exactly right to say that the vaccinated should not have to pay the price for the so-called choices of the unvaccinated anymore. Although to your point, Chris, I definitely wish that he had also announced some type of proof of vaccination because, at this point, we have this flimsy piece of paper that’s so easy to counterfeit. And I mean, we don’t allow this to board an airplane, right? You don’t go to the TSA checkpoint and say, I am who I am. Here’s a piece of paper where I wrote my name. We have ID for this reason.

Chris Cuomo: Some states are doing it, right? New York is doing it, but you’re right. We need a national system for these kinds of policies to take hold.


This crazy lady certainly knows that vaccinated people can catch the COVID virus, spread the COVID virus, be hospitalized for the COVID virus, and die from the COVID virus.

So why would she be pushing even harder for more secure vaccine passports?

Does she even realize that she made a case in point for Voter ID?

More and more people aren’t falling for the Big Mockingbird Media narratives being pumped into their homes…

“So we need to get vaccinated, so we don’t give COVID to those that are already vaccinated. Why get vaccinated if vaccines don’t work?”

“If you have been vaccinated and the vaccine works, then you have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated the unvaccinated worry about themselves no big deal.”

“I am vaccinated, and my husband is not, and as an American who wore the uniform and did what his country asked of him that he and any other American who doesn’t want to take the jab should not have to!!!! Screw you and that POS Biden.”

“You ain’t taking my guns, and I ain’t taking your shot. it’s time to party as Our Founding Fathers did in 1776!!!”

“And yet hospitals still treat drunk drivers, whereas hospitals are now turning away unvaccinated. Also, alcoholics are still able to choose to drink or not drink. Alcohol has not been forced out of this country for all. In the same way, vaccines should remain a choice! Not forced!”

“This Communist doctor just informed all the imbecile CNN audiences the vaccine doesn’t work. She’s an idiot and loves totalitarian authorities.”

“Why is covid id ok but not voter id?”

“F***n libs. What about people that are vaxed that have breakthrough infections? What about the fact the vaccine was developed for pre delta covid? WHAT ABOUT THE FACT THAT UNVAXED ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE CROSSING THE BORDER WITH COVID ALL THE TIME?”

“It’s the vaccinated that need to stay home. The vaccinated are spreading the disease.”

“If the vaccine works, then the unvaccinated people are not the issue. The vaccine is meant to protect those who have gotten it. Therefore, the unvaccinated people ARE NOT at risk of hurting/killing the vaccinated. Common sense, people. Seriously. Anyone who believes this garbage is either blind or an idiot.”

“I’m in my early 60s and recovered from the wu flu, 18 months ago, and have been exposed several times in the past 6 months and have not been infected. It turns out my natural immune system is working perfectly, so why would I inject the mRNA? Inquiring minds want to know.”

“Hey CNN, stick it up, your keester. I’ll NEVER get vaxed. Please quit telling lies about unvaxed people.”

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