The frequency of people reporting adverse reactions to the COVID ‘vaccines’ seems to be increasing as more people are coerced into taking them.

Even though the so-called experts and government officials know this, they continue to push for more people to get the jab by almost any means necessary.



“So my daughter just contacted me from school, very upset. That one of her friends is now in critical care in the hospital here in Halifax because her heart stopped right after she had a vaccine. She’s not well right now. She can’t breathe. Her heart keeps stopping. She’s 13 years old, 13 years old, and her heart stopped. How many of you know a 13-year-old whose heart stops? And this is what our government is forcing on all of us and our children. A 13-year-old girl in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is in the hospital right now because her heart stopped after the vaccine. That’s my daughter’s friend. She’s been in my home. She’s had dinner with me at my table. That could be your child. Could be your niece, your nephew, your grandchild, your neighbor. The fuck hell is wrong with you people? There are children dying all over the world. There are adults dying all over the world from this vaccine. The FDA has even told you, but yet our government is still forcing people to be vaccinated to be able to partake in society. Now, if you want to know what the worst part of this is, with this child is that she was in my house saying she didn’t want the vaccine and she wasn’t going to get the vaccine. Her parents respected her decision. But when our premier, Mr. Houston decided to mandate vaccines for children to be able to play sports, she felt she had no other choice but to take it because she loves playing soccer. How dare you do this to our children.” – Mother in Halifax, Nova Scotia


If this, and the many other claims about adverse reactions to these so-called vaccines, are valid, why doesn’t Big Media report them?

You would think that this stuff would be receiving 24-7 coverage with death and case counters all over their screens just like they did for months and months with COVID cases and deaths, right?

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Well, until they start to actually attempt to keep the public informed as to what’s really going on, it’s up to us, We The People, to keep spreading these stories wherever we can.

The people’s patience is wearing thin, and I feel we are reaching a boiling over point.


Just take a look at what some people are saying around the internet…

“I wonder how much more we will be pushed before we say enough is enough.”

“I guess the science was overruled by fear. otherwise, why is a 13 yo getting the vaccine?”

“Every politician that mandates the vaccine right down to the mutha fuka that sticks that jab into the unwilling needs to hang for MURDER!”

“I’m going full tilt at the next school board meeting. I don’t give a fig if they throw me out. The local news goes to ours too. “

“Absolutely heartbreaking. The forces of evil are at work, forcing people against their free will to take the vaccine or else.”

“Unnecessary, unbearable sadness. Why? LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE”

“This is a large country separated by individual States. We are NOT United enough!! We must be like the Romanian people and the Australian people…. GET IN THE STREETS AND SHOW OUR STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! It’s the only way to end this.”

“How much more do we have to HEAR before we say NO……….NO……….NO F–kin way you’re going to keep poisoning the children of the world……….YOU BASTARDS!”

“My wife is being forced to take this shit tomorrow or get processed out the Marine Corps after her exemption was denied. Things will NOT end well.”