San Diego, CA – The vaccine mandate could backfire on the city after 45 percent of the San Diego Police Officers Association members have said they would rather be fired than get the jab.

The San Diego Police Officers Association talked to their members on where they stand regarding the vaccine mandate. An overwhelming majority stated that they would consider quitting the force then get the vaccine. While 65 percent stated they would consider quitting, 45 percent of the force said they would quit then comply with the mandate.


The San Diego Police Officers Association has 1,971 members, and half of those members are not vaccinated. If that half of the police force quit due to the vaccine mandate, the city of San Diego would be facing a massive police shortage which would dramatically impact crime.

This is most likely a situation occurring all across the country as local governments and employers try to force their employees to get the vaccine or be threatened with losing their job. Ultimately the choice to get vaccinated should be up to the person. No one should be threatened with losing their livelihood by being forced to put something into their body.


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Are The Biden Regime's Vaccine Mandates Even Constitutional?

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