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Vaccine Mandate Free Job Board Launched For Freedom Loving People

A new job site for people who are looking to work freely has recently been launched. The site offers jobs where people aren’t required to get vaccinated and can go to work knowing they will be free of political drama. Finally, an opportunity to find employment where you won’t be forced to get the Covid-19 vaccine, push woke culture, or teach critical race theory.

Red Balloon [1] launched back in July and was created by Andrew Crapuchettes as a local job board in Moscow, Idaho. Crapuchettes had started the board just for fun, but shortly after it launched, the site took off. People from all over the United States reached out asking when the site would expand to job openings in their areas. In August, the company expanded nationwide.


“The whole thesis of the job board was ‘free to work.’ What if employers treated their employees like adults and didn’t require vaccinations or certain pronouns, or making their logo a rainbow flag in June and just let people work and left identity politics out of the office space?” – Andrew Crapuchettes 

Initially, the site was very popular with conservatives, but people from various political views eventually began uploading their resumes. It appears many Americans want the ability to go to work and be free of mandates and politics.

Canon Press, a Christian company, was one of Red Balloon [1]‘s first customers. CEO Jess Hall said their company was doing well during the pandemic but struggled to find qualified applicants aligned with their values.

“So I threw those up and then tossed out a few other hopeful jobs just to kinds of fill out the job board for Andrew, and I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of candidates that I got for all the positions and the quantity given that the thing had just started. One of the jobs we’re hiring for is a project manager, and you know, within the first month, I had 30 applicants [from Red Balloon] that were all qualified,” – Jess Hall


Maddox Industrial Transformer is another client with Red Balloon [1] and is very happy with the results they have seen with the company. The company supplies electrical transformers to companies like Tesla, Dollar General, and shopping malls. Camden Spiller, the CEO, initially signed up because he had remote employees working in Idaho and thought it would be a good fit. The company has now added job postings for South Carolina, Texas, and Washington. Through the site, the company has found numerous potential hires. They have even found applicants willing to leave long-term careers and give up excellent salaries and benefits to work for them.

“It’s an interesting time when people are scrambling for employees, and there’s a dearth of good qualified help for little businesses like ours. But we’re taking a common-sense approach to people’s medical decisions and are just overwhelmed with applications,” – Camden Spiller.

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“I’ve got friends running global, multibillion-dollar businesses telling me, ‘I’m struggling to find people.’ Small little American businesses like ours are struggling to find people. But for those that let it be known that they’re not going to force these ideologies, there’s a tremendous amount of people out there — more than we could possibly take in.” – Camden Spiller.