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Vaccine Mandate Question From Peter Doocy Has Jen Psaki Give Bizarre Non Answer [VIDEO]

Along with Emerald Robinson, Peter Doocy seems to be the only real journalists ever to ask Jen Psaki any real, hard questions.

This time Jen Psaki completely dismissed Doocy’s question as the real answer would expose the Biden Regime to their nonsensical and anti scientifical ways.


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Peter Doocy: Why is it that you’re trying to require anybody with a job or anybody who goes to school to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but you’re not requiring that of migrants that continue walking across the southern border into the country?

Jen Psaki: Well, look, our objective is to get as many people vaccinated across the country as humanly possible, and so the President’s announcement yesterday was an effort to empower businesses to give businesses the tools to protect their workforces. That’s exactly what we did. But certainly, we want everybody to get vaccinated, and more people were vaccinated, whether they are migrants or whether they are workers, protects more people in the United States.

Peter Doocy: Requirement for people that have business with more than 100 people, and it’s not a requirement for migrants at the southern border. Why?

Jen Psaki: That’s correct. Go ahead.


Why wouldn’t Psaki answer the question?

Is it that she doesn’t know the answer? Or is it that the answer exposes the Biden Regime’s complete hypocrisy on COVID and how it relates to their open border policies?

The people of the internet had a few things to say about this nonsense.

“Answer the question, Psucki.”

“such a snooty, you know what. still answers nothing.”

“I’m identifying as an illegal alien since the government is treating them better than the American people.”

“BIDEN CRIMINAL ADMINISTRATION — that is why they force the jab on US citizens, but not on illegal aliens. Everything Biden does is illegal — Biden’s goal is to destroy the USA, as proven by shutting down the building of the pipeline, opening our borders, fueling inflation, working for CHINA, an utter failure in Afghanistan, and horrific handling of the covid emergency. Biden is a criminal — we all know it — why does the DOJ, FBI, CIA, SCOTUS, and CONGRESS not do their job and get rid of this criminal in the white house?”

“en Psaki, “That’s correct….” It reminds me a lot of “Let them eat cake!” I wonder if she knows how that story ended?”

“Her answer is just “that’s correct” wow, how rich. Why is that correct. They are bringing in the new variants. If anyone should be mandated, it is non us citizens first.”

“Wow! great answer from hacky Sack.”

“Smug lying a**hole!”

“Oops, Doocy did it again, he breaking her heart…,” lol.”

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This entire Biden Regime is a complete and utter disaster.

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