As you likely know, there was a massive scandal that recently erupted when a book by Bob Woodward claimed that General Mark Milley and Nancy Pelosi basically colluded together in a “coup attempt” to oust President Trump right after the January 6th melee.

The story goes that Pelosi made a phone call to Milley on January 7th that set things in motion.


During the call, Pelosi told Milley that President Trump was “mentally unstable,” and she was scared that he would “launch nukes.”

From that point there, the story goes on to say that the two of them huddled together to come up with a plan, and in the end, Milley contacted China on his own and told them that if Trump were to attack them, he would call them first, and warn them.

Basically, all of this stuff is treasonous beyond belief.

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So, today, when Milley sat before the Senate, he made darn sure to toss Pelosi under the bus and paint her to be a hysterical, clueless female who didn’t understand how nuclear codes are launched…essentially making it seem as if he didn’t take Pelosi’s claims seriously from the get-go.


You can watch the video below:


This is the part where all the rats start jumping off the ship, just trying to save their own butts.

It’s funny because Nancy acted like her talk with Milley on the 7th was very important and serious…hmmm. That’s not how Milley now makes it sound.

Furthermore, it looks like Milley made the first move to jump off the ship and left poor ol’ Nancy standing on the deck of the SS Titanic.

Glub, glub, glub.

However, I don’t trust Milley as far as I could throw him…I do believe he and Pelosi acted together, but he knows that she can’t say anything about it because if she did, she would be admitting to treason.

This piece originally appeared in and is used with permission.

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