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[VIDEO] The F Joe Biden Chant Broke Out at Ryder Cup, Of All Places

The F Joe Biden chant has become a national pastime at this point.

It started with college kids chanting out their disgust for Joe Biden – it began with a few hundred people here and there, and then over time it turned into thousands, and then pretty much entire stadiums began cheering “F Joe Biden”…it was quite a sight to see.


And it really says a lot about the feeling in this country right now and the tremendous dislike for Joe Biden, who has failed in every way possible in just nine short months.

It’s so bad, and people are so fed up that even the uber polite golf crowd at the Ryder Cup are now chanting “F Joe Biden.”

Now, keep in mind, it wasn’t a ROUSING rendition, but hey, at least it happened, right?

“A” for effort, folks.


You can watch the video below:

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I love to see it. I can’t believe the F Biden chant made it all the way to the golf crowd.

Just wait for a few more tourneys, and the whole crowd will be chanting in synch.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [7] and is used with permission.

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