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WARNING! GOP Exposed: Fake ‘Patriots’ Will Sabotage Arizona Audit

It’s increasingly obvious that the powers that be are looking for ways to make sure that the Covid-19 panic never ever ends. This summer, it was all about the Delta variant. Well, now there’s another one. It’s the “mu variant,” and it’s coming out of Colombia. Doctor Tony Fauci says it’s not an “immediate threat” to the United States, so given his track record you can assume it will be the most important thing in the world by next week. Apparently, this “mu variant” is resistant to the vaccines you’ve been ordered to get for the last six months. Go figure. Guess everybody needs to wear masks for another six months. Or six years. Or sixty.

Here’s something to think about. Last year, an analyst for CNN described Australia as a model for America to follow in fighting coronavirus, because they were far stricter than here in enforcing lockdowns, travel restrictions, and the like. Well, here’s what’s happening in Australia right now. None of this is made up. In the state of South Australia, citizens are going to be forced to download an app onto their phones, with facial recognition and geolocation features. With this app, the government will message citizens at random times, and then they will have 15 minutes to take a photo of their face in the location where they are supposed to be at. If they don’t, the police will be sent to check on them in person. In the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is, the entire state has a curfew, and the premier dismissed state parliament. No elected government needed during the Covid crisis. In Sydney, anti-coronavirus protests are illegal. The public has been in lockdown for two months, and the lockdowns are enforced by the military. Absolutely none of that is made up. All of this is in Australia, a country that until a year ago was an English-speaking democracy, just like us.

And you know this as well as I do: If you read that same account to the typical totalitarian who passes for a “public health official” in America, they think it sounds like paradise.

Yesterday I told you about Mayo Clinic surgeon Mark Sawyer, who enjoys making Facebook posts where he fantasizes about denying medical care to the unvaccinated. Well, I actually didn’t give you the whole story yesterday. He’s making a lot of deranged posts online.

Just the other day, he posted an illustration that shows a doctor drowning underwater trying to hold COVID patient above it. In case you don’t get the implication, Sawyer tells you: “The only thing missing in the picture is a few anti-vaxxers standing on the bed with “Don’t tread on me” signs. There are a few lines that can’t be crossed if one wants to remain my friend: Racist. Bigot. Anti-LGBTQ. But at the top of my list right now, in bright neon colors, is anti-vaxxer. It’s not an opinion, it’s just wrong, and every time one of them tries to convince others on the Interent, it’s a bullet fired at common sense and reason and humanity in the fight against COVID … and it kills people just as surely as a bullet would.”

So that’s how Doctor Sawyer sees you, if you haven’t gotten the vaccine. Worse than a supporter of Jim Crow, basically a murderer. Doctor Sawyer also openly fantasizes about “rhythmically kicking” the unmasked and un-vaxxed “in the tender parts, over and over and over and over again.” He says the thoughts of this violence send him, quote, “into a zen state of meditation.”

This is a sick state of mind. A demonic one, even.

“Health and safety” increasingly just means “control and compliance.” There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Just a frenzy for power and dominance. In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is attempting to ban mask mandates for schoolchildren. Remember, children are virtually immune to Covid-19. There is virtually no evidence that masking children in schools prevents spread in any significant way, while there’s lots of evidence that it is unpleasant and traumatic to children. But always, the frenzy for power wins out. A Florida judge says DeSantis isn’t allowed to block school mask mandates in his state.

At least DeSantis is fighting. A lot of Republicans don’t want to. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has tried to block mask mandates, but again, courts are intruding. This wouldn’t matter, though, if the Texas state legislature simply passed a law making the mask mandate ban an explicit state law. But they won’t. A bill to do that in the state house has only five co-sponsors. In the Senate, nobody is trying at all. Texas Republicans are doing the same thing we’ve seen Republicans do in Washington so many times: Hold the reins of power and do nothing with it.

In South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem was so good last year at resisting mask mandates and lockdowns. But she’s screwing it up this year. The public wants her to call a special session of the legislature to block employer vaccine mandates. She won’t do it. She says the economy is so good that if your employer imposes a vax mandate, you can just quit and get a different job. It’s like Kristi Noem is a time traveler from the loser GOP of 2006. “Just get a new job.” Insane.

We need a stronger and more resolute party if we’re going to beat the left, because they are totally committed and absolutely fanatical. But right now, the Republican party isn’t measuring up. And if the party isn’t fighting to the utmost for your freedoms against Covid tyranny, is it any surprise they’re fighting so little for everything else? How many republicans are fighting to ensure full transparency for the 2020 election? Even more important, how many are fighting to make sure the 2022 and 2024 elections aren’t a repeat of last fall?

Democrats understand this. Just yesterday, there was an AP story that election “security experts” are demanding an audit of the California election, in response to Mike Lindell’s symposium last month. They say his symposium endangered the security of that election. In other words, they’re already telegraphing what they plan to do. If Gavin Newsom is narrowly recalled, then just like last year, they’ll delay things as long as they can and move heaven and earth until they get the vote totals the right way. That’s how committed the Democratic Party is to winning by any means necessary. So why can’t we have a Republican Party that cares at least as much about winning legitimately?

Bobby Piton [1], Gen Michael Flynn-Endorsed Senate Candidate, joined Stew Peters to discuss the audit efforts, and when Peters asked about communist infiltration, things got real, real quick.

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