Americans trapped in Afghanistan, illegal immigrants crossing the Southern border in record numbers – none of that matters to the Democrats or President Joe Biden. It’s all about COVID-19. From his first speech as President, Biden has made it the focal point of his entire tenure as POTUS to defeat the pandemic by getting every American vaccinated. With the new Delta variant on the surge, reports of deaths, infections, and overcrowded ICUs have flooded the front page. But according to Josh Snider, who worked at the Missouri Baptist Medical Center “MBMC,” it’s all an “utter lie.” 


Talking to reporters, Snider alleged that the virus, while being real, is being overplayed by political officials. In this case, the whistleblower admitted that the notion that ICUs being overrun was outrageously inflated and being pushed by the liberal media. He said, “I watched our hospital administrators say in the media that our intensive care units were overflowing with COVID patients, at 98% capacity, knowing that it was a complete and utter lie.” 

Having worked within the system, Snider also revealed that the MBMC hospital is part of a larger network within the Barnes Jewish hospital system in Missouri. Apparently, they shut down three floors of the intensive care during the pandemic because they weren’t being used.“And even after shutting down three-fourths of our ICU capacity, they were still never more than 50% full with that drastically reduced overall capacity. These medical systems that are saying they are overrun with COVID patients are likely LYING TO THE PUBLIC.” 


While the MBMC system does not track national trends, Snider told outlets that the number of COVID patients in the ICU was only – one on more than one occasion. 

“I would have to adjust the airflow in some of the rooms of people in the ICU with COVID. They were fine. I believe in COVID, I know it’s serious, but I also personally saw people who were fine. They had a terminal case of boredom. I spoke with these people, and they weren’t sick at all. They felt fine but were told they had to stay there. Many brought their PlayStations with them to waste away the days with video games instead.”

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