Nurse and other healthcare workers, the frontline ones, are speaking out against what the financially motivated administrators are saying.

Speaking of what the administrators and ‘experts’ are saying, have you ever, in your entire life, seen a campaign, as large as this, to get people to take an experimental drug?


Let us also not forget how survivable COVID is for most people. If you’re not obese, old and/or have other underlying conditions, you have an extremely low possibility of NOT recovering from this virus.


Cameraman: Talking to a nurse right now and I don’t know what your name is so you don’t have to tell me. Are the hospitals full of COVID patients?

Nurse: Hospitals are pretty much full of people that have been vaccinated then returning to the hospitals due to that vaccination.

Cameraman: So you’re telling me that there’s a lot of people who got vaccinated are in in the hospital right now?

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Nurse: Yea. Not just in St. Michael’s but  all over the world. That’s who’s coming back to the hospital. This time of year when the hospital’s should be at their lowest are people that are vaccinated.

Cameraman: So what’s your take on people like the Chief Medical Officer for the health here saying that the ICU’s are being strained right now? Would you tell me is that a lie or is that true?

Nurse: That’s a lie.

Cameraman: In emergency?

Nurse: In emergency, there’s no overflow. No.

Cameraman: There’s no overflow of COVID 19 patients?

Nurse: No

Cameraman: So then basically the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital here and Dr. Davilla, or whatever her name is, that world health bullcrap conspiracy idiot, whatever. Do you think she’s full of shit?

Nurse: I think she’s a liar and she’s got, pretty much, a satanic mindset.

Cameraman: When are you going to lose your job?

Nurse: If anything, probably another month from now.

Cameraman: Are you gonna, how many nurses and doctors are planning to finally walk out?

Nurse: Roughly, I’d say a little under 3,000.

Cameraman: Would you stand up for the people here?

Nurse: Any day. I’ll die for this cause. Hands down.


More and more are stepping forward and speaking out.

Nurse Blows The Lid Off The Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated Narrative

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