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200 Members Of Congress Treated With Ivermectin By Dr. Pierre Kory – Joe Rogan

The liberal media has done a fantastic job spinning the narrative that the only way to fight COVID-19 is to get the vaccine even though it technically doesn’t work.

Still, the media, including giants like CNN, blasted any person who went against the narrative or the cruel Dr. Anthony Fauci when it came to the vaccine.


But while CNN does have a great deal of media power, they miscalculated when they sought to cancel Joe Rogan for taking Ivermectin to fight COVID-19. And if CNN were hoping that Rogan and his legions of fans would stop at just exposing their fake news, they would be sorely mistaken. 

In just a couple of minutes, Rogan was able to completely shatter CNN’s theory that he took horse dewormer to fight COVID-19. The international podcaster questioned one of CNN’s chief medical advisors, who sided with him about the matter. Yet when it came time for CNN to apologize, they tried to spin the narrative around on Rogan. But again, Americans are on to their act. 

As for Rogan continues to question CNN as he was recently sitting down with Michael Malice when he dropped another bombshell about Ivermectin. Apparently, and Rogan proved this in the video below. Before the vaccine, Ivermectin was used to treat over 200 members of Congress. Again, Rogan proves this, yet he claims that Ivermectin is so cheap to make that anybody can do it, so what makes the COVID-19 vaccine so important – profits. 

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