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So you’ve heard plenty about the Arizona audit. You’ve heard about everything that was suspicious or strange or possibly illegal about last year’s presidential race. But that wasn’t the only unusual race last fall, and it might not even be the one with the most concrete evidence of fraud.

So I’m going to tell you about a really bizarre result last fall, in the small town of Windham, New Hampshire. It’s only 15,000 people, leans Republican. Well last November, Windham had four open seats for the state House. All four Republicans won, by a margin of just 24 votes. That was close enough to require a hand recount.

Now, here’s what the hand recount found: The four Republicans all gained about 300 votes. The leading Democrat lost 99 votes, so the winning margin expanded to more than 400 votes. The same candidate still won, so officials wanted to move past it quickly. But imagine if the Democrats had barely squeaked out a win. How fast do you think they have tried shutting down that recount? And why was the discrepancy so massive in the first place? And that gap was so big that it swing the election result by more than 9 percent. So really, a candidate might have lost by five, seven, ten percent, and they’d actually have deserved to win. That’s the kind of massive error we’re talking about. Of course, New Hampshire’s Never-Trump Republican governor Chris Sununu wanted to brush the whole thing aside and not worry about it. Well, that got a lot of New Hampshire Republicans thinking, and they’ve formed the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group to investigate this and everything else shady about last fall in New Hampshire.

Marilyn Todd is the founder of that group, and she’s been investigating a lot more than just Windham. Her group just canvassed the town of Waterville Valley, where Sununu owns a ski resort, and they’ve had some stunning results. But Todd has discovered that Governor Sununu is very hostile to their effort. How hostile? Hostile enough that she and other members of the group have repeatedly been arrested. We’ll want to hear a lot more about that. Marilyn Todd joined the show to discuss.

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