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Airline Employees Take Flight to Tyrannical Airlines

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It’s no surprise that America’s big airlines are some of the most aggressive companies in adopting vaccine mandates. They’re basically dependent on the federal government to survive. Some of them have been bailed out multiple times. If they step too far out of line, the Biden Administration will crush them like a bug. So when Joe Biden staggered up to a podium during a rare lucid moment to announce a federal vaccine mandate, the airlines all jumped in line to copy him. It’s like Bolsheviks competing to see who can applaud Comrade Stalin longer. “Oh yes, Chairman Biden! We’ll mandate a vaccine for all of our employees! Please make sure you remember that when the next round of bailout bucks goes around!”

But if the airlines themselves stand out for being servile, then their employees might be leading the way in vaccine resistance.

Just days after Southwest Airlines announced a vaccine mandate, they suddenly and mysteriously had more than 2,000 canceled flights in a single weekend. They blamed bad weather, even though no other airlines had that problem, and they blamed air traffic control issues, even though the FAA didn’t notice any issues. Someone is lying, and it’s probably Southwest. Instead, we have accounts from people actually in the industry, and many of them are saying what seems likely: Employees are calling in sick to protest vaccine mandates.

At least one airline has decided this all isn’t worth the trouble. Delta Airlines has announced that it has no vaccine mandate and no plan to implement one. But how can we keep up the pressure on the rest?

Joshua Yoder is a commercial airline pilot and a member of the USA Freedom Flyers [2], a group battling against vaccine mandates. He joined the show to discuss.

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