Millions of airline employees all over the nation are fighting back against their companies’ vaccine mandates. One such staffer is commercial airline pilot Joshua Yoder, who is also a member of the anti-vaccine mandate group USA Freedom Flyers.

On Monday, our very own Stew Peters sat down with Yoder to discuss the latest on what he is doing to fight these mandates. Peters kicked off the interview by asking Yoder, “where are the unions in all of this?”


“That’s an excellent question, Stew,” Yoder replied. “The unions are nowhere to be found. They have a duty to fair representation for all members, and what we’re seeing now is they’re only representing the vaccinated.”

“I received reports daily from other vaccinated members who are very frustrated that we’ve just been thrown out on the street,” he added. “We’ve been in communication with our unions asking them to step up and stand up to these companies and they refuse to represent us. There will be severe legal consequences for this type of behavior.”

Yoder went on to add that union leaders are “putting their personal opinions about the vaccine over their duty to represent their members. There’s zero representation.” He then credited these union leaders with helping to found his group Freedom Flyers, saying that “it’s because of their lack of representation that we even exist. We have people who need to be represented, and we’ve stepped up and we’re helping people have a voice.”

Yoder explained that things have gotten so bad that airline employees are no longer the only members of Freedom Flyers, as passengers are so outraged by what is happening that they’re joining the group as well.


Yoder also called out lawmakers for trying to pass laws that would make it impossible for anyone who is unvaccinated to fly, whether they’re trying to do so domestically or abroad. He praised Delta Airlines, which recently ditched its vaccine mandate for employees, saying that, unlike other airlines, they value their employees’ “freedom” to make their own “choice” about the vaccine.

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Find out more about how Yoder and his fellow airline employees are fighting these vaccine mandates by checking out his full interview here.