Most of us became aware that Joe Biden was using a fake “White House” set during his so-called live “booster” shot.

It was shocking to many people who didn’t understand why there was a “set” designed to look like the White House in the first place.


Why not just do whatever it is you’re doing inside the actual White House?


But now, we’re learning that this “fake White House” is much more elaborate than we first thought, and it wasn’t just a “one-off” thing used for the booster shot – apparently, this is a stage that is used for Biden’s events that are put online or part of video conferencing.

That’s what they claim, anyway…

So, it appears that Biden is never in the White House during any of the online video events or conferences that we see.


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Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering shared a new photo and a tweet about Biden’s fake White House after it was used yet again today.

It looks like the “blooming flower” scene behind him gave it away.

Biden’s videos and conference events (and what else?) are actually filmed across the street in the Eisenhower Executive office building.

Here’s what Charlie said: “The digital projection window of Biden’s White House set shows flowers in bloom in the Rose Garden. The set was constructed across the street from the actual WH in the Executive Office Building.”

Spiering actually wrote a piece in Breitbart about Biden’s “fake White House” set. He explains that the window view of the Rose Garden appears to be a digital screen – depicting what the view could theoretically be if you looked out of the White House.

Other events show the screens depicting different outdoor views.

During a Biden event on global warming, one of the windows showed artificial views of solar panels.

Biden’s staff now holds more White House events in the artificial set depicting the White House, especially if they include live video conferencing calls.

Behind the scenes, photos of the set show that it includes a wide array of lighting, digital equipment, and optics to make the president look as good as possible on video and make it look like he is speaking to the world from the White House.


This is bizarre, and while there may be a “valid” reason for this – perhaps – lighting? I mean, I don’t even know what the reason would be to construct such an elaborate stage, I’m grasping at straws here – and sadly, we’re forced to guess “why” because the White House hasn’t discussed the elaborate set or explained why it exists and exactly what it’s used for.

It’s undoubtedly unsettling when you think back to Joe’s campaign, with his “fake setup” in the basement. That entire campaign seemed weird from the get-go. Was this the same type of thing they were doing back then with Joe?

And don’t forget the controversial photos supposedly taken at Camp David when the Afghanistan debacle took place – many said they looked staged and fake.

Is this a soundstage or a fake set, too?

I don’t think this mysterious and rather elaborate “fake White House set” helps the reputation of the so-called “president,” who many Americans believe is illegitimate, to begin with, and who a growing number of Americans believe is not mentally fit even to do this job.

There’s an awful lot of mystery surrounding Joe Biden and his mental health – is there something that goes on this fake White House set that helps his Handlers cover up or hide some of his issues?

Also, is that why Joe Biden can be cut off so quickly? We’ve all seen where Joe will start rambling, and the feed is just cut.

This White House can’t blame Americans for coming up with conspiracy theories and rumors, because in all honesty, they bring most of this stuff on themselves.

You can’t be this bizarre and secretive and not end up with problems and mistrust.

Placing an obviously “senile” old man on a weird and elaborate “fake” White House set with a lot of technology and special lighting is going to creep people out.


And why make the set look like the White House? Design it differently, for crying out loud.

Otherwise, it feels like you’re trying to fool people.

I’m sorry, none of this is normal.


This piece originally appeared in and is used with permission.

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