There is only one thing more important to the Democrats than COVID-19 – making sure the “domestic terrorists” behind the Capitol Hill riot pay for what they did. What they did exactly is up for debate as most of the video footage showed protesters doing nothing more than walking through the Capitol, but according to the Twitter expert AOC, she felt as if her life was in danger. It should be noted that AOC was in an entirely different building at the time. Still, with all the ammunition they needed, the Democrats have promoted the Capitol riot as being on par with 9/11. And while over 600 conservatives have been arrested for basically protesting, their constant inquiries have revealed a mysterious man named Ray Epps. 


Although the name might not sound familiar, Ray Epps was a crucial piece to the events that led to the riot for those who were there. Why is that? Because on several occasions, even on the night before the riot, Epps was filmed telling protesters they should storm the Capitol building. The protesters around him disagreed as some of them also called him an undercover FED. 


While much isn’t known about Epps, it’s important to know that out of all the people who were arrested for the Capitol Hill riot, which again was over 600 people, Epps wasn’t one of them. To this day, Epps remains a free man as the liberal media and federal government don’t appear remotely interested. But while they might not be, some curious reporters were, so they did their job and tracked down the elusive Ray Epps. 

Believing they would get some answers, they confronted Epps while riding his golf cart and asked him about his involvement. The reporters asked, “Are you still under investigation by the FBI?”

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The man behind the camera also chimed in, “Are you a federal informant?”


But although Epps was given a chance to come clean about his involvement, he decided to pull a trick from the Biden playbook and simply drive away as if he was never asked a single question. While there is still much unknown about Epps, America has started to notice the man behind the riot.