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We’ve told you everything you need to know about Vernon Jones on this program. He’s a Democrat trying to pose as a new Christian, Trump MAGA convert because he thinks voters are dumb enough to elect him governor as a Republican. Don’t fall for it. He’s a sexual predator, a jive-talking liar, and an anti-white racist.

But we aren’t saying all this in order to save Georgia governor Brian Kemp. Brian Kemp sucks. In the critical moment, where he could have intervened to ensure the sanctity of Georgia’s election, he was missing. But it’s worse than that. Georgia has had total Republican domination for more than a decade. The state house, the state senate, the governor’s mansion, all of have been controlled exclusively by Republicans for sixteen years.

The primary process in every state is KEY to making sure we get the best candidates for office. It’s a weeding-out process.

At this moment in Georgia, the Democrats are licking their chops at the prospect of a Brian Kemp nominee. But they’re ALSO licking their chops at the prospect of a Vernon Jones nominee.

If the Stew Peters show has all of this information about Vernon Jones’s past, don’t you think the hundred million dollar Warnock/Stacy Abrams, Ossoff Democrat machine in Georgia has access to the same damning information about Vernon Jones?

A Vernon Jones GOP nomination almost guarantees democrat rule in Georgia.

And now that the Vernon Jones campaign is completely derailed, you can bet the dark money billionaires behind him and behind Kemp — the same ones behind Loeffler and Perdue — two failed big money bag men for the FinTech, or financial technology industry, will bring us another bought and paid for stooge like failing Vernon Jones.

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The FinTech industry — the majority of which is headquartered right in Atlanta Georgia — will ultimately do everything in its power to control the pivotal swing state of Georgia. And they’ll use front men and bag men — political stooges, at the end of the day, such as Vernon Jones in order to do it. They’ll market them. They’ll put a big budget behind them. They’ll prop them up with fancy PR teams and media rollouts. And it’s all theater. Theater intended to trick you, the voter, into going along unknowingly with their dark agenda for global control.

You can count on The Stew Peters Show to unpack how powerful industries at the top of the Global Chamber of Commerce control politics from behind the curtain, undetected by most Americans, and how they’ve infiltrated party politics, even at the grassroots level. That’s our commitment here.

So why was Georgia’s election in doubt at all? Kemp is bragging about passing his big election security law last spring. But he had two years to pass that before the most hotly-contested election of our lifetimes when he had months of warning that it would be an election particularly vulnerable to fraud and misconduct. But like so many Republicans who secretly wanted Trump to lose, Kemp did nothing ahead of time and is just trying to get credit or save face after the fact.

But the failure in Georgia was particularly bad because it didn’t just hand the state’s electoral votes to Joe Biden. It also gave the Democrats two Senate seats, two seats that Republicans could and should have held on to.

Let’s look in particular at the Senate race that gave us Senator Raphael Warnock, the preacher who says America needs to repent for its “whiteness.” Warnock got his seat by allegedly defeating Kelly Loeffler. Was there fraud in that race? 🤨

But let’s be real, Warnock shouldn’t have been close to a seat in the first place. So why was he? Mostly because Kelly Loeffler was terrible.

But wait. Kelly Loeffler never won an election as senator. She was appointed. Who picked her? That’s right, Brian Kemp. So, why did he pick her? She had no prior political experience, almost no name recognition, no grassroots backing, and negative charisma. She applied for the job hours before the deadline and got it. It wasn’t because Kemp lacked options. He could have picked Doug Collins, an experienced and seasoned Republican who had the backing of Donald Trump and tons of grassroots support. But instead, he shot down Collins and picked Loeffler, apparently, because they were both involved in 4-H and had rural roots. Great. Oh, and Loeffler had a “business background,” which is one way of saying that she’s worth several hundred million dollars because she married her boss. That “power couple” owns the New York Stock Exchange. Literally. They literally own it. I wonder if Kemp and the other Communists had any intention of using Kelly Loeffler as their bag lady or access to continued insider trading that all of these politicians seem to think is a big secret? There are plenty of examples of lifelong public servants becoming multi-millionaires. I mean, Vernon Jones ran off before we could get to that line of questioning so we didn’t get his answer, but it’s widely known that none of these criminals EARN millions, they’re bought and paid for.

We doubt it’s by mere coincidence that right after getting appointed, Loeffler vindicated Kemp’s choice by attending a closed-door meeting about coronavirus and then promptly selling off millions of dollars in stock. She spent all of 2020 flopping around and then the media told us she lost the special election. I wonder what the price tag was on that? Great work, Brian.

Now, Brian Kemp is running for reelection. You wonder if Democrats might secretly be rooting for him. With the way he’s done so far, by the end of his second term Georgia might not have a single Republican left.

But as we’ve already told you, Vernon Jones is not the alternative. Despite all the jive talk, he’s tossing out there in an effort to throw the voting public in Georgia off his trail, his campaign is failing.

Vernon Jones is basically the white version — and white HATING version — of our first black president, Bill Clinton, Bill, of course, was never able, ultimately, to escape his reputation as a womanizer who used his position to get sex.

And as disappointing as Brian Kemp is, he’s not a vile anti-white racist or a sexual predator.

So what else do we have? Here’s one option: Kandis Taylor opposed Loeffler so much she actually ran as an outsider candidate in last year’s Senate special election. Now, she’s making a play for governor, and she’s gaining a lot of steam, picking up endorsements, and becoming stronger every day, despite being blackballed by the media, banned from making appearances on popular alternative media shows that her opponent seems to hold stock in. By the way, where DID Steve Bannon’s funding come from?

Kandiss is someone who can’t be bought. She may not be a millionaire or a billionaire, but like Donald Trump, the entire establishment is trying to reject her, saying she can’t win. Just like Donald Trump.

The country was so on fire for trump in 2016 because HE represented US. and they STOLE HIM AWAY from us.

But this government was set up so that ordinary people could represent ALL people. A government truly OF, BY, and FOR the people.

Someone like Vernon Jones is a career politician who has already spent decades enriching himself on the teet of public funds. How does someone on a public servant’s salary, for example, end up with a net worth reported to be as much as 17 million dollars?

Clearly, he’s bought and very well paid for somewhere along the line.

Someone who CAN’T be bought is Kandiss Taylor, who’s running for Governor in Georgia, who has my personal endorsement and she joined the show to discuss.

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