The American people are no longer playing along with the tyrannical dictates of school boards who have overstepped their duties.

This time it’s one angry dad taking action by serving the school board members with a $200,000,000 lawsuit.




“This segregation based off of your own fears and your own personal interests. The people in this country have had enough, and we are fighting back. I have something to give you. Security, would you do me a favor? Would you please hand those forms to the board members? You’ve been officially served a $200 million lawsuit with six complaints and violations or multiple amendments. Your job is not to be concerned with the children’s health. You’re not nurses. You’re not doctors. You are not responsible for their health organization. Your only focus is on our children’s education, and the education system here is 50th in the state, and you make almost more money than anybody else. It is very clear that you have failed in doing that job. This country is not alone. It’s time that we wake up. Now, we’re gonna do a lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. We can throw it out as much as you want. We’re gonna keep this paperwork on your desk and keep the problem going until we get exactly what we want. This is not a negotiation, we will have our freedom of choice, and we’re gonna see you in court.” – One Angry Dad


The grassroots movement of parents taking a stand for their kids against these school board members who attempt to medically abuse the most innocent among us is growing stronger and louder by the day.

Just check out some comments about this latest clip…


“These people are criminals. treat them as such.”

“Awesome! Get their asses! They all need be fired… greedy pigs!”

“Sue them personally. They are public officials and can be charged with malfeasance. The pharmacist is protected, but not the public officials. They will lose in court. Take all of their personal property, house, etc. That’s the only way they can be stopped. The constitution is on the people’s side. The mandate will make the smart ones rich. Go for it. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime…”

“This is not a negotiation.” About time!!!!!”

“No one is coming to the rescue. you need to wake up, stand up, and fight like your life depends on it because it does!”

“Domestic terrorist? I think Not. It is us raising up to take back our country! PRESIDENT TRUMP WON RESIDENT BIDEN CHEATED GOD WINS. The sooner you all realize this, the better it’s going to be! MARK MY WORDS!”

“Their arrogance is disgusting. I’d be seeing them outside of the building, that’s for sure.”

“Look at them sitting there hiding their faces… Masks are for pussies!”

“Highest-paid school board with the worst-performing school district in America. They’re all corrupt.”

“The reason they want everybody injected is so they can introduce global injection passports and social credit scoring. There is no and never has been any other reason.”