During his show on Monday, our very own Stew Peters dropped a truly chilling bomb when he revealed that former President Donald Trump and many others are on an Antifa assassination “hit list” that has recently come to light.

“This is an exclusive that was sent directly to us by a person we’re not at liberty to name,” Peters began. “This person is an infiltrator into an Antifa cell; they use their infiltrator status to monitor Antifa’s internal communications. And recently, this person received a list of names, titled ‘The 250 Misanthropes.'”


Peters went on to explain that this list, which was translated from German, is “a hit list: A list of people that German Antifa wants murdered.” He then read out the direct quote from this Antifa infiltrator, who said,

“This is the list of the 250 biggest misanthropes. I’ll tell you honestly: For many of them, only a removal would actually help. That’s what you do with dangerous animals that get too close to settlements. These people are much more dangerous than any animals. Tens of thousands more people will die because of their propaganda.

Would it really be a crime to take out 250 people to save tens of thousands? Of course, this is a purely hypothetical question, because I don’t want to incite anyone to do anything, because that would be punishable by law. But how many people would not have died in World War II if the 250 worst Nazis had been taken out in time? In the coming weeks and months, however, these people will realize that you can cause them big problems even without physical violence. All it takes is a notebook.”


The list includes the name of 250 German public figures, with ten specifically being highlighted as being people who especially need to die. However, in a chilling twist, the letter goes on to list out 21 international figures who need to be assassinated. Names on this list include Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr., Ron DeSantis, Tucker Carlson, Chet Hanks, Nicki Minaj, Rand Paul, and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

“So, that’s what Antifa is up to right now,” Peters said as he urged the public not to buy into the media’s narrative that Antifa isn’t really doing anything, and doesn’t even really exist. Clearly, Antifa does indeed exist and is an incredibly dangerous organization, as they are now openly calling for “assassinations.”

Unfortunately, Peters is sure that the FBI will do nothing about this list because the bureau is nothing more than a “political enforcement operation that doesn’t care about actual dangers.”

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Find out more about this disturbing list by checking out Peters’ full segment here.