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Arizona Election Fraud “A Slam Dunk Case For The Attorney General” – Mark Finchem and Anthony Kern

Alex Sheppard talks to Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Mark Finchem and Arizona Senate Candidate Anthony Kern in this exclusive interview.

Both of these great patriots have been endorsed by President Trump.


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Mark Finchem served our Country for 21 years as a Firefighter, Paramedic, and Law Enforcement Officer. He has been in the Arizona Legislature since 2015 and is now in his 4th and final term.

Anthony Kern is a former State Representative of Arizona who has been involved in the Maricopa County Audit and continues to fight for election integrity.

In this video, we discuss recent findings out of Pima County, the criminal investigation of election fraud in Arizona, corruption from the DOJ, the push to decertify the 2020 Election, and whether or not Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is going to make arrests.

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