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Attorney Claims Jab Death Cover-Up: “You’ve Got 48,000 People Dead That…Are Not Being Counted As Vaccine Deaths”

The left and the media have been so desperate to get as many Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 as possible that they have been burying any piece of evidence that calls the vaccines into question in any way.

That’s what makes the Department of Defense documents that were just found by one Ohio attorney so huge.


“Thomas Renz is an attorney in Ohio,” our very own Stew Peters [2] said on his show yesterday. “Last Friday, he announced his discovery of several files that were compiled by the Department of Defense. These documents show what you’d expect: they show that of those over 65 years old who have been hospitalized with Covid-19, 60 percent of them were fully vaccinated.”

“Remember, that’s fully vaccinated,” Peters added. “If they’d only had one dose, then stopped because of a bad reaction, or if they received two doses but less than 14 days had passed, then they don’t count in that 60 percent.”

Before handing the floor over to Renz, Peters explained that “we checked the source of these documents ourselves, and there are updated more recent numbers where the figure is even higher, and previously vaccinated people are more than seventy percent of Covid cases for those over 65. So the same DoD documents reveal that a prior COVID-19 infection provides much better protection against a breakthrough case and in particular, a breakthrough hospitalization than a vaccine does.”


Renz told Peters that the documents show that there were some “48,000 deaths in CMS patients within 14 days of getting the jab. And you know what that means? That means none of them were counted as vaccine deaths, none of them because they’re not fully vaccinated. So you’ve got 48,000 people dead that…are not being counted as vaccine deaths.”

Renz went on to say that people like President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci are “lying through their teeth” when they claim that the vaccine is “safe and effective.”

“The question now, is how much longer are we as the American people going to tolerate them murdering us, and forcing us to take the vaccine despite the fact that it’s not safe and not effective?” the fed-up lawyer questioned.

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Renz used the government’s own data to come to this conclusion, which is why he sounds so confident when he repeatedly says “we got them.” Now, he just wants to get the word out to other Americans so that we as a nation can fight back because the stakes have never been higher.

“Listen, our freedom is on the line,” he said. “Our future is on the line. Our children’s future is on the line. We don’t have another opportunity to do this…When freedom’s gone, it’s hard to get back. We have got to take a stand.”

Find out more about what Renz has found, and about what he feels we can do to fight back, by watching his full interview with Peters here [2].

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