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Australian Sergeant Resigns Expecting Termination for Speaking Against Using Police to Enforce Mandates

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – Victoria Police Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell has resigned after 16 years on the job due to her disagreement with Australia using police to enforce COVID-19 mandates.

During an interview on YouTube’s The Discernible Interviews [1] channel, Mitchell said that a “great majority” of the officers in her agency agree with her statements. Specifically, she said there were over 200 officers that were of the same mind as she is regarding the mandates.


Victoria’s capital city of Melbourne has the longest running lockdown in the pandemic with 253 days.

“The way in which we police now has completely changed,” Mitchell said. “And the vast majority of the police are on directions that are infringements on your every day liberties and rights to just freely live in a democratic society.”

She said she and other officers are “troubled” authorities using police resources so heavy-handedly to enforce mandates such as lockdowns, masks, vaccines, etc. In shutting down illegal protests against the mandates, Mitchell said that police are “scaring people in the community,” and even said that she didn’t even feel comfortable encountering police officers when in civilian clothing.

“When I am in plain clothes and out exercising,” she said, “and when I walk past police, I have that same level of apprehension.”


Mitchell also said, “There was just police doing their ‘reassurance patrols.’ They’re not ‘reassurance patrols.’ You’re not reassuring anybody in the community. You’re scaring people that there are that many police in the community.”

Many arrests have been made and police have been accused of several acts of police brutality since the beginning of the mandate and lockdown protests.

“I can’t remedy in my soul any more the way in which my organization, that I love to work for,” Mitchell said, “is being used and the damage that it’s causing in the reputation of Victoria Police and…to the community.

“All of my friends that are police officers that are working the front line and are suffering every day enforcing CHO (Chief Health Officer) directions,” Mitchell said, “that certainly the great majority don’t believe in and don’t want to enforce.”

Mitchell said that they are taking orders from Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews on a “daily basis.” She also said, “I think that the reason, or the issue, in why perhaps police [are] feeling more emboldened to act the way they are in relation to these harsher actions is because of the messaging that comes from Dan.

“The consequences of me being here today, is that I will be resigning from Victoria Police, effective the end of this interview because the consequences of me coming out publicly would be dismissal.”

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According to RT.com [5], the Victoria Police Department confirmed Mitchell’s previous employment with them. They also said that her comments do not reflect the views of the whole force. In a statement, the agency said, “Victoria Police cannot pick and choose what laws it enforces.”

“For the past 18 months,” the statement read, “our members have been working tirelessly to enforce chief health officer directions aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus to keep all Victorians healthy and to save lives.”

The statement also said Mitchell would be the subject of a professional standards command investigation, but it’s unclear if that was before or after she submitted her resignation, reportedly [6], on Friday morning, prior to the video airing.

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