After years of rule by the NeverTrump McCain wing of the GOP, eyes in the Copper State are turning toward 2022 for new Republican leadership.

While the entire field of Republicans has campaigned on an unmistakably MAGA platform for the past five years, when push comes to shove, those on the ballot in Arizona in 2022 are as feckless as every member of Congress who refused to contest the electoral college on January 6. 

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has repeatedly tried to shut down the Maricopa County audit and has a “friendly” relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, while the state’s attorney general Mark Brnovich refused to audit the fraud-ridden 2020 election until June. Both refused to decertify the 2020 election after the Arizona audit, despite overwhelming proof of election fraud in the state. 

GOP Senatorial candidate Blake Masters’ professes an unabashedly America First platform, but his campaign is financed by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, his former boss., 

Then there’s Jim Lamon. 

Following the money is always the surest way to find where a politician’s true loyalties lie. 

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Like every Republican running for office, Lamon claims he will put America First, but the public record tells a different story. 

Lamon has said that he will “defeat the Communist Party,” and that as a Senator, he will see to it “that goods coming into the U.S. are not made with cheap slave labor, unfettered environmental pollution, and unsafe working conditions.” 

He has even claimed Depcom Power, the company at which he serves as CEO, focuses on buying “American First.” 

“We don’t buy Chinese products,” Lamon said in May of 2021. 

Yet, the Chinese-state-run company HT Solar is Depcom’s largest trading partner. 

U.S. Customs Records show Depcom imported several million kilograms of solar supplies from HT Solar as recently as October of 2020. 

HT Solar is a subsidiary of HT-SAAE, a Communist Chinese government-owned enterprise operated by the China Aerospace Science Technology Corporation. CASC specializes in manufacturing. 

CASC’s marketing arm for missile technology is the China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation, a company currently under sanction by the U.S. government for exporting ballistic missile technology to Iran and Pakistan. 

Depcom has also done business with multiple Chinese companies that run on the slave labor of Uighur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region, including Longi Green Energy Technology, one of several companies that are known to receive supplies from Daqo New Energy Group, which has been documented as profiting off of slave labor by Xinjiang’s Uighurs. 

The Depcom CEO was openly critical of both President Trump’s tariffs against China and his skepticism of “green energy” alternatives. In 2018, Lamon was prominently featured in a Time Magazine blasting Trump’s cracking down on trade with China and admitted to lobbying the Trump Administration to rethink its approach to trade with China. 

Once he threw his hat in the ring for the Senate bid, he changed his tune and took to the airwaves in a bid for Trump’s attention and endorsement. In June, the Arizona candidate aired a TV ad in New Jersey, where Trump was spent the summer at his Bedminster golf course, touting border security. 

Upon winning the Senate seat, Lamon would be in good company with RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnel and his wife Elaine Chao, Trump’s former secretary of transportation, have deep financial ties to the Chinese government through a shipbuilding company owned by Chao’s family. 

McConnell was reportedly pleased with the impeachment of President Trump, seeing it as a way to purge the party of him. Chao resigned from her post with the Trump administration after expressing outrage over the Capitol protest on January 6.