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Biden Goes CRAZY In ANGRY & UNHINGED Rant, Yelling At Audience [VIDEO]

When it comes to President Joe Biden, it is very common knowledge amongst his handlers, cabinet, and Democrats that he doesn’t fare so well when addressing the public. While it is unknown if the Democrats knew this before backing him as president, the party is utterly helpless as giving speeches, reassuring the people, and taming the press is part of the job. And with that, Biden has showcased a great demo reel of stumbles, fumbles, and outright forgetfulness as he can’t make it through a single speech without some major blunder. This brings us to his latest attempt at showing what a true leader looks like.  


In the video below, President Biden spoke at the University of Connecticut on Friday when he spiraled off on one of his usual tangents. Biden said passionately on Democracy and how it is disappearing in the world of today. But while he was trying to convey a need for unity, he confusingly contorted his face, almost grimacing. What is even more shocking is how Biden somehow keeps this face as he begins to yell at the crowd about the importance of democracy. 

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Although President Biden might appear to be passionate about democracy, it should be noted that he not only signed more executive orders than any other president, but he is also trying to force a vaccine on the American people whether they want it or not. That’s true democracy. 

This was also in the same speech…

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