While President Joe Biden is known for dodging the press and making sure his questions are already picked for him, he did something unusual today and decided to take questions.

Just after calling for America to once again raise the debt ceiling, President Biden, who coughed his way through the speech, felt confident enough to handle the press on his own. And as if his handlers already knew, it didn’t take long before Biden found himself not wanting to answer the questions asked. So, instead of not answering, President Biden decided the reason he was going to stay silent was that he didn’t want to “confuse the American people”.


Knowing that President Biden claimed that his $3.5 trillion spending bill would magically cost zero dollars, the reporter asked him a two-part question. While the first was about raising the debt ceiling, which is why Biden was there in the first place – the second question was a matter pertaining to Ethiopia. Although it is not known what the reporter was going to ask, President Biden, acting like he knows, quickly goes on the defense and says he won’t talk foreign policy because he doesn’t want to confuse the American people, but is it the voters that are really confused?

In the video below, which shows the entire conversation between him and the reporter, President Biden appears to be the one confused as again, nobody knew exactly what the reporter was going to ask about Ethiopia. It is known that the Biden administration has been adamant about getting expelled U.N. officials back into the area, but again – it’s all speculation.

But either way, watch President Biden once again confused the American people by trying not to confuse them.  


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