As per usual, the White House and Democrats are missing in action as videos circulate showing cargo ships backed up, storage units stacked to the brim, and supermarket shelves completely bare. Like most of the problems that are put in front of the Biden administration, the dilemma with the supply chains is slowly becoming a full-blown crisis if it isn’t already there. And although Biden is silent, former Walmart CEO Bill Simon spoke to Fox Business Network on Friday, admitting the supply chain is an absolute mess “from start to finish”. 


Speaking with Dagen McDowell, the host asked Simon, “Bill, you’re saying you have never seen retail shelves this empty. What are your thoughts on the big picture here?”

With no other way to put it, Simon answered, “I’ve never seen it like this and I don’t think anyone living in this country has. This is really unprecedented. The supply chain is a mess from start to finish. They are backed up in the ports in Asia. They are backed up on the water. They are backed up in the ports in the U.S. as well.” 

Simon also revealed that supply shortages don’t just stop at consumer goods. He added, “There’s a shortage of truck drivers, there’s a shortage of labor in our distribution system and there’s a shortage of people to put it on the shelves.”

Trying to find something good to say, Simon did end with, “Other than that, everything is going pretty well.”

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The entire interview can be seen below. 


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