UNITED STATES BORDER – The Biden administration announced that the border at Canada and Mexico would be reopened for travel for those who are fully vaccinated. Further, the only requirement will be a card saying they got a vaccine, not a negative COVID-19 test.

This, despite the proven fact that vaccinated individuals can still catch and spread the virus.

Who cares if they’re running around spreading the virus that’s allegedly so deadly, as long as they received the money-making shot, right?


The borders were supposed to be closed for “nonessential travelers” for the past 19 months due to the pandemic.

Obviously, based on the massive amounts of illegal immigrants entering the United States at the Mexico border, this was really more of a suggestion than another executive order that Biden loves so much.

Additionally, despite the “closed” border, Canadians have still been allowed to fly into the US, for most of the pandemic. Biden has failed to answer to why they can’t drive in, but they can fly in. But, we know the answer: Because, science.

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To enter the US, one must provide proof of vaccination, or “show their papers.” It remains to be seen if or how this requirement will be enforced, given the thousands of illegals who are ushered in and allowed to stay, untested, unmasked, and unvaccinated.

Those who refuse to show their papers will not be allowed into the US, unless of course they are only here illegally to seek “amnesty” and be used as a Democratic pawn in the game of “How Can I Get More Votes?”


Biden lifted similar restrictions for other foreign nations a few weeks ago, announcing that people could enter the US on noncommercial flights once again.

On August 9, Canada lifted restrictions to American travelers, provided the offer proof of a negative Covid-19 test from within 72 hours. This will not be a requirement for travel into the US; only the vaccination card.