OLYMPIA, WA – Representative Jim Walsh took to Facebook Tuesday morning for his regular question & answer session with his constituents. This week, however, was a little different.

Walsh started a live broadcast to show people that his identification key card that normally allows him into the Capitol building no longer worked.

Apparently, the House Executive Rules Committee introduced an “interim policy that prevents members from getting into the buildings on the Capitol campus if they don’t present COVID vaccine papers.”

Walsh said, “I have not presented COVID vaccine papers.”

“So I can’t access my office,” Walsh continued. “I can’t access the main chambers, I can’t do work from the Capitol as a legislator in this state.

“This is unusual. It’s not something that the majority of the members of the legislature have voted on. It’s not an emergency proclamation from the Governor. It’s an interim policy made by a small group of legislators.

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“It’s a slippery slope towards lawlessness. When we don’t reign in the Governor from his unlawful behavior, there’s a slippery slope effect, a corrosive affect, on other elements of government, whether it’s the judges in the judiciary branch, or here- the legislators in the legislative branch.”

Walsh generally does his work in the John L. O’Brien building. This is the building that his key card is set to open, and the same building to which he was denied access Tuesday morning.

Walsh pointed out that the legislative branch is not acting as the check on the Governor’s office that they should be. “[And] we’re following the Governor’s example! Locking people out of their offices if they don’t provide papers.

“This is not Constitutional.” He also said this act is not legal, nor is it moral and pointed out that the legislature in Olympia has fallen into “some sort of Stockholm syndrome.”

“This is not proper governance. And locking members out of their offices if they don’t provide papers? Well, to me that’s just not American.

“We are full of clouds here in Olympia,” Walsh concluded. “Things are not good. They’re rotten.”

Hundreds of workers across the State of Washington were terminated or placed on administrative leave on October 18 due to Governor Jay Inslee’s vaccination mandate.