Another day, another tyrannical politician breaking their own rules.

If it wasn’t such a serious matter, everyone should be laughing at their hypocrisy.


Just because we said not everyone should be laughing do the seriousness of these matters doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t ridicule these tyrants at every turn.



News Anchor: Police have fined Daniel Andrews for breaking his own mask rules. The premiere was hit with two fines. On the same day, his government ordered school children as young as nine to wear masks in classrooms.

Reporter: These near-identical 50 meter walks from car to Parliament two days in a row cost Daniel Andrews $400. He was wearing a mask in his car but taking it off too early got plenty of attention.

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Tim Pallas: Victoria Police have launched an investigation looks like he’s been approaching a camera for the purposes of doing a piece to camera.

Reporter: For which masks can be taken off.

Dan Andrews: Where your mask whenever you’re outside your house.

Reporter: The premiere tells Seven News he’s already paid the two $200 fines with his own money, saying “oversights matter. Everyone needs to follow the rules. And I’m sorry it occurred.”

Matthew Guy: We’ve all done momentarily forgetting a mask and when I’ve got out of the car and forgot to put it on but he’s walked some distance.

Reporter: This is just outside Parliament House. Yep.

Citizen: Being he’s a public figure probably doesn’t look the best. I think silly and maybe just a lapse in judgment.

Reporter: Has he done the wrong thing.

Citizen: Yes. I mean, you have to wear masks outdoors. That’s the rules unless you have an exemption.

News Anchor: Daniel Andrews joins Barnaby Joyce and Tony Abbott also find for no mask in public. Most school students will soon need them to kids in years three to six must wear masks in class when it resumes later this month.


These tyrants, globalists, radical leftists, and Democrats are ridiculous with their ‘rules for thee but not for me’ standards.

Vote them ALL out.

The wonderful people of the interwebs had a few choice words for this tyrant…

“A fine? He should be tarred & feathered.”


“Hound this pedophile politician. Make him apologize for every single infraction. Make his life hell. He must live within the cage that he is bringing into existence. Follow him. Record him. Do not relent.”

“Fined? Oh. I thought the penalty was being humiliated by the police, talked down to buy a person with dark glasses, and a diaper on their face, flanked by a dozen gorillas. And if you try to have a civil conversation, hit over the head, cuffed, and taken to jail………. Then fined.”

“And when they reach 70% and the cases are still the same, it will be a real witch hunt of the remaining 30. How stupid are they not to have looked at what happened in Israel…”

“Restricting the breathing of growing children should be hung.”

“He needs to go to jail for crimes against humanity!!!”

“He should be drawn and quartered next.”

“Him not wearing the mask is a complete flex on the people of Australia. Not putting it on was a conscious effort. He’s above you and he wants you to know it.”

“PR stunt clearly…… ‘hey look guys I’m just like you’…….. c**t.”