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California Mother Uses Police Settlement Funds To Buy Guns For Her Son And Gang

Over the past few years, police departments around the country have come under fire for their aggressive tactics towards civilians. With “Defund the Police” spreading throughout America, many police officers have opted to retire early or seek other career options as both the liberals and Democrats paint them as murders. Just this year, Christina Lopez was awarded close to $5 million after police killed her son in 2017. Although no amount of money will bring back a lost loved one, Lopez quietly took the money and disappeared. At least until the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office revealed Lopez has been using the money to buy guns for her son and the gang he is associated with. 


For months, the Fresno Police Department has been investigating the Calwa gang for potentially murdering a 52-year-old man in July. While Lopez was never part of the investigation, the detectives were led to her when they recovered stolen video of the suspects. 

First arresting 18-year-old Richard Aguilar, police officials were told that the murder was not accidental, but a hired hit job by a convict serving life in the Salinas Valley State Prison. With Aguilar cooperating, police were able to make 14 more arrests and even confiscated 12 different firearms. And one of the arrests just happened to be Christina Lopez herself.  

Separate from the gang members, 42-year-old Christina Lopez faces felony charges of conspiracy to provide firearms to a minor for the benefit of a street gang, conspiracy to provide a firearm to a gang member, and child endangerment. Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp said, “She has continued now to take the money from her settlement that she received from the city of Fresno to buy a home where she lives in addition to spending thousands of dollars on guns that she has in turn given to her 14-year-old son.”


As mentioned above, last year, Lopez was awarded $4.9 million after the police killed her son Isiah Murrietta-Golding in 2017. He was 16 at the time.