A renowned American doctor is calling on Dr. Anthony Fauci to “step down” because of how distrusted he is by the public.

Stanford Professor of Medicine Dr. Jay Bhattacharya told Newsmax that a new poll shows that a whopping 54% of the American public has no trust in Fauci. That’s why Bhattacharya feels it is time for Fauci to go.



“Have we reached a tipping point where Fauci is doing far more damage to public health than he is helping it?” the doctor was asked, and he responded, “I think I completely agree with that. I think it’s time for him to step down. Public health is not like politics. You cannot have a public health official, the top of the profession, distrusted by half of the American public.”

Earlier this year, Bhattacharya had said that Fauci is actually the “number 1 anti-vaxxer” in America.

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“Dr. Fauci is probably the No. 1 anti-vaxxer in the country, in some sense,” he said back in April, according to The Daily Beast. “Because he has modeled behavior that has made people think the vaccine won’t give you back your life. It will; it’s an incredibly effective vaccine. He was wearing a mask, but he’s been vaccinated. I don’t really understand what he’s trying to do.”

Then in June, Bhattacharya declared that Fauci’s “credibility is entirely shot.”


“I think he’s been all over the place on masks,” Bhattacharya told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“There are emails you can find in the treasure trove of emails that have been released where he acknowledged the virus has been aerosolized,” he continued. “Well, the cloth masks people have been recommending, they’re not particularly effective against aerosolized viruses. I really don’t understand his back and forth, and his answer made absolutely no sense.”

Bhattacharya went on to say that Fauci changing his mind on masks seemed to have little to do with any significant new scientific discoveries of the transmission of COVID-19.

“Yes, you should change your mind when the science changes. What is that science that changed that convinced him that masks are the most effective way?” he asked. “I think his credibility is entirely shot.”


“In the early days of the epidemic, he was quite a sensible person,” Bhattacharya added. “He understood immunity. He understood the necessity of not panicking the population. Something happened in late February where he just flipped on a dime. It wasn’t the science changing. Something else happened where he just changed.”